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Colombia Now Open For Tourists | Get Detailed Insight

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According to Hollywood and movies, Colombia is a cartel land, but that is not the case anymore. It is one of the most beautiful countries with rich architecture, history, culture, and much more. If you are looking to travel in COVID-19, Colombia is open for tourists worldwide. 

Here is everything you need to know when it comes to the travel updates of this beautiful country. 

Latest Entry Requirements 

While many countries require travelers to show a negative PCR test, Colombia has waived that requirement. However, to ensure the health and safety of people, you have to do your Check-Mig registration before your flight. It would be best if you did it at least twenty-four hours before your flight to avoid any hassle. 

For the Check-Mig registration, you don’t need to upload any documents. However, when visiting Colombia, you should have essential travel documents such as a valid passport, itinerary, and other such things. You also need to fill in your passport number and expiry date in the application form to travel. 

Once you enter Colombia, the immigration authorities will check your Check-Mig pre-registration form. You will also need to show your passport that needs to be valid for at least six months. If you are from a country requiring a visa to enter Colombia, be sure to have it before entering. 

Safety Tips For Travelers 

Like every other place, Colombia is not flawless, which is why you need to follow some safety protocols when entering. It will make your trip much easier, and you will have fun. Here are the top tips to follow for staying safe in Colombia:

  1. COVID-19 Safety Protocols 

In the pandemic era, health comes first, which is why you need to follow all COVID-19 safety measures. That means you need to wear a face mask, sanitize your hands at frequent intervals, and keep your distance from other people. Colombia has applied all these protocols in many places such as hotels, restaurants, and much more. 

That is why you need to follow these requirements to do your part in curbing the spread of the virus. You also need to follow these protocols when using public or any other means of transport. Keep in mind that some areas might have higher restrictions than others, depending on the current COVID-19 situation. 

  1. Learn Basic Spanish 

Communication can be a significant barrier sometimes. While many people speak English in Colombia, it is still advised to learn some basic Spanish to improve your experience. It will help you feel at ease, too, as you can go around communicating with people with some confidence. 

Besides that, it will deter people from taking advantage of you as you will blend with the locals more easily. The best part is that learning some basic Spanish also means you can chat with the locals and learn more about their heritage. After all, traveling is all about expanding your horizons by learning about different cultures, people, their traditions, and much more. 

  1. Don’t Draw Too Much Attention 

There is always a risk of getting robbed in a new place if you are carrying valuable and expensive items. That is why it is best to keep a low profile and not draw unwanted attention to yourself. If you have fancy cameras, wallets, and cell phones, you should not wave them around. 

If you have a lot of cash and bank cards, it is advised to leave them locked up at the hotel. You should only take the money you require for the day. Too much attention can leave you as a target, which is why it is best to keep a low profile. 

  1. Always Keep A Check On The Local Security Situation 

If you are planning on staying in touristy areas, you don’t need to keep a check. That is because they are safe, secure and have been busy for years now. On the other hand, if you want to visit more rural and remote areas, it is always advised to do your homework and check the local security situation. 

While Colombia has signed a peace agreement with FARC guerillas, there is still a chance that many armed groups are still active in remote areas. You can ask the locals about the situation in the area you plan to visit, or you can check online. The idea is to prepare yourself before venturing off into unknown territories in Colombia. 

  1. Don’t Withdraw Money Alone Or At Night 

One thing you should entirely avoid is withdrawing your money alone or at night from an ATM, especially if you require taking out a large amount. There is a higher chance of getting robbed at night when you are in a lonely area. That is why it is always advised to withdraw money during the day in busy areas such as shopping malls. 

It will eliminate your risk of being targeted, and you will not get robbed. While robbery is not so high in Colombia, it is always best to avoid the chance altogether and to travel safely. After all, being safe is always better than being sorry. 

  1. Research Safe Walking Routes 

There are opportunists everywhere in Colombia. That is why you should research online or ask your hotel about safe walking routes. Also, ask them which routes you should avoid at night. 

Once you have this information, you can walk safely and sound. Even if you are lost, you should always walk with purpose and confidence. Once you do, you will not be a target of any problems. 

That was your complete guide to understanding if Colombia is open to tourists. It is, and you should follow all these tips before visiting. Once you follow the guidelines, traveling will be hassle-free, and you will have a great time. 

Besides that, don’t forget to let loose and have fun while you are there. Colombia has a lot to offer to people who want to learn about history, culture, and much more.