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Travel To Turkey During Covid-19: All You Need To Know

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Everyone has Turkey on their bucket list because it is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Tourism is also booming there each year, and yes, Turkey is open during COVID-19. Of course, there are some protocols you have to follow to enter the country and have a safe stay. 

Here is everything you need to know about traveling to turkey during COVID-19. 

Turkey Is Now Open For Tourism 

Turkey is open for tourism, and it is issuing visas to people worldwide. You can apply for the Turkey eVisa and visit the country in no time. The process is effortless, and you will receive your visa within a few days. 

At least 98% of people that apply for a Turkey eVisa get approved, which is why you should not face any problems. For the application process, you need to fill the online application form, pay the fee and submit the form, and you will receive the document in your email in no time. 

You will have to present your eVisa and other valid documents when you enter Turkey. Once you do, immigration officials will let you enter and enjoy their beautiful country. The eVisa to Turkey can easily be obtained at

Who Is Allowed And Who Is Not? 

All travelers that meet Turkey’s immigration requirements can enter the country without any hassle. You will need a valid visa and your passport to enter the country. It is also advised to check the latest lockdown and travel updates before you plan on departing as the situation keeps on changing. 

On the other hand, Turkey does not prevent any nationality from entering Turkey based on citizenship. However, it places travel restrictions based on where the person is coming from. Turkey has banned flights from India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Brazil, and South Africa. 

If you are coming from any of these countries, you will not be allowed to enter. These restrictions exist because of the pandemic and the number of cases in each country. 

Entry Requirements In Turkey 

The government of Turkey has placed various protocols and safety protocols to protect the health and safety of its tourists and residents. That is why you will have to adhere to the special pandemic rules that are put in place. 

Here are some of the top requirements you need to fulfill before entering Turkey:

  1. COVID-19 Negative Test: Required 

All passengers entering Turkey must present a COVID-19 negative test. You can take the PCR test within 72 hours of your departure, or you can take a Rapid COVID-19 antigen home test within 48 hours of your departure. If you are fully vaccinated, you will be exempt from showing the negative COVID-19 test if you show:

  • A medical certificate stating your recovery of the past six months
  • A vaccination certificate showing that the last dose was given at least fourteen days before your departure

Except for UK, Singapore, Iran, and Egypt nationals, other passengers are subject to a PCR test on a sampling basis at arrival. You can only continue your journey once these samples are taken. On the other hand, if your result is positive, you will be treated according to the COVID-19 guidelines at the time as stated by the Ministry of Health. 

  1. Quarantine Duration 

Here are the quarantine duration rules based on what country you are from:

  • Pakistan and Afghanistan are required to quarantine for ten days and test to release on the seventh day
  • Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Brazil, India, South Africa, and Nepal need to quarantine for fourteen days and test to release on the fourteenth day

The Turkish government has already determined accommodation facilities for your quarantine period if you are from these countries. Also, keep in mind that PCR tests are carried out on a random sample of passengers when they arrive. If they test positive, the authorities will contact them and quarantine them for fourteen days. 

It is best to keep yourself updated the closer you are to your travel date. These rules are subject to change based on the cases in the countries. So,

So, don’t forget to check the latest updates before deciding to go to Turkey. 

  1. Traveler Entry Form 

All travelers over six years of age need to complete a Traveler Entry Form. The form should be completed before four days of your arrival in Turkey. The government has introduced this form to contact individuals if they have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. 

As a traveler, you have to provide your accommodation details and contact information in Turkey so the authorities can let you know. It will only take you a few minutes to complete the form, and you need to present it before boarding and again on arrival. Once you do, traveling to Turkey will be hassle-free. 

  1. On-Arrival Requirements 

Once you arrive in Turkey, all airline crew members and passengers will undergo a quick medical check. These include temperature controls and other checks. Individuals who don’t show any symptoms and clear these checks will continue on their tour. 

On the other hand, if you show symptoms or test positive or COVID-19, you will be treated at a medical facility determined by the authorities. That is why it is advised only to travel when you are in your best health. The pandemic rules have changed the landscape of traveling for good, which is why if you show any sickness symptoms, you will face many problems. 

That was your complete guide to understanding Turkey’s travel requirements during the pandemic. If you are planning to travel to Turkey soon, please keep all these details before filling out all the documents and planning your stay. Once you have followed all the guidelines and you are healthy, you will be allowed to enter without any hassle. 

Obtaining a visa is straightforward, and almost everyone gets approved for a Turkish visa. So, what are you waiting for then? It is time to follow these guidelines and visit Turkey for the time of your life.