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Comfort TV Shows to Watch Over the Weekend 

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If you’re looking for a comforting TV show after a long and busy week, we’ve got you covered. More and more people return to light-hearted TV shows to feel a much-needed sense of comfort. And, even though our list features different TV shows from different time periods, we can assure you they all manage to make you laugh and create that familiar sense of comfort. 


“Friends” are notably famous as the best comfort TV show around the world. The chemistry between Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, and Phoebe has proven to be the secret ingredient of the success of the show. So, if you haven’t had a chance to watch it, don’t worry. Any episodes that you can get your hands on will make you laugh.  

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The Good Place 

The Good Place is a unique comedy created by Michael Schur. The humor of the show, however, is really interesting because it explores a concept set in the afterlife. Even though it might not be the most obvious place for a comedy, it is actually quite funny because the characters have great chemistry, and the writing is really impeccable. Not only will you be moved by its message, but you will genuinely laugh out loud at Eleanor’s shenanigans.  

Eleanor (Kristen Bell) is the main character in the show that gets a place in a Good Place even though she isn’t actually a good person. She was sent to a Good Place by mistake and wreaked havoc with her reckless actions.  

“Grace and Frankie”

It was, surprisingly, a long-standing sitcom that lasted for over five years. It explores the relationship between Gracie and Frankie, frenemies that get closer when they find out that their husbands are planning to leave them for each other. So, after finding out about the affair, they form a unique bond, which develops into a solid friendship in the following seasons on the show. It’s quite fun to watch, and Jane Fonda really shines through her role.  

“The Crown”

“The Crown” was initially set to last only two seasons, but as it has achieved worldwide popularity, that promoted the status of the show, and there are over three seasons available on Netflix. It is actually comfort viewing even though you will find any drama and intrigue to be another constant part of the daily of the British royal family. It follows the life of Queen Elizabeth II as she becomes a monarch and starts her long reign. The TV series covers all major events from her early years to her life in modern times.