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The Best TV Shows to Binge-Watch Whenever You Feel Bored  

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We all know that we live in the golden age of TV thanks to accessible streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu., and many other platforms. So, for lack of a better world, there is no shortage of options or ever will be. But, the downside is that you might feel that you have too many choices on your place when you just want to relax and stop scrolling through your phone. That said, we think we made your decision process easier as our list features award-winning TV series.  

“Las Vegas”

“Las Vegas” was a popular TV series set in the glamorous Montecito hotel. It’s a comedy-drama and action-packed TV series which follows the daily interactions of the staff in the Montecito hotel, including the security team led by Ed Deline, which deals with unexpected con artists and security threats in the casino. However, there are hilarious elements, thanks to the incredible chemistry of the stellar cast. 

This is the perfect show that captures the thrill of playing casino games in Las Vegas. The good news is that there is a reputable online casino like these Zimpler casino sites, which will transport you virtually in Las Vegas thanks to the incredible range of high-quality casino games from top providers. Another advantage is you can safely and easily make deposits and withdrawals. So, even if you want to play poker with a real dealer or you just want to play slots, there are many games and even more variations online. 

“Derry Girls”

“Derry Girls” is an award-winning TV show which is hilarious, and you will laugh till your face hurts. However, it is set in a tumultuous time period during the Troubles in Derry, Northern Ireland. The main group of characters are quite funny teenagers that seemingly forget that they live in a dangerous place.  

The series follows a group of students that, as any teenager would, get themselves into trouble, navigating love, friendship, and family life against the pressure of war. Every episode of the show is pretty funny, and every character is developed and well-written, while there are plenty of interesting storylines that will have you glued to your screen. Plus, there are only two seasons. The third one is on its way, so you can binge-watch the TV Show in less than a day. 

“The Boys”

“The Boys” is a superhero TV series on Amazon Prime which stays true to the original comics, but at times it’s a bit darker and more violent than the original story. So, get prepared to watch superheroes act in the most gruesome way, and they are depicted as villains who do as they please because they can lead by the viciously cruel Homelander. The Boys, on the other hand, are a group of regular humans that were wronged by the Seven decide to reveal the true nature of the Seven and to essentially take them down. However, things get more complicated when Hughey falls in love with a superhero. If you want to watch an action-packed TV show that doesn’t follow any rules, then this one would be perfect for you.