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Coming around on ‘Roots’

Why the Internet and social media could make the new "Roots" more than just another cynical revival

From Campaign US: In recent weeks, an army of skeptics has questioned the A&E Networks’ decision to revive classic miniseries “Roots.” Some of them — most notably Snoop Dogg — have focused on the racial dimension, wondering whether a “Roots” remake will add anything of value to the conversation or just further inflame tensions.

I, too, had been questioning the necessity of another “Roots,” but from the perspective of a TV critic who vividly remembers the phenomenon of the original, a 12-hour tour de force that drew an estimated 140 million viewers for some portion of it. What are the odds the remake could come anywhere near that kind of success? Why would A&E want to set itself up for that kind of failure?

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