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Compelling Reasons for Your Business to Engage Customers on Social Media

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Regardless of your niche, you will likely face intense competition in boosting brand awareness and grabbing market share. While traditional marketing methods are still important, the cost of advertising is not only prohibitive but also restricted to one-way communication. An increasing number of businesses are taking to social media to take advantage of a huge audience and establish two-way interaction for better brand engagement and conversions. A brief insight into the top advantages of social media marketing for businesses:

Increased Brand Awareness

Social media is undoubtedly among the most cost-efficient methods of digital marketing. You can boost brand awareness significantly among your target audience by implementing a well-thought-out social media strategy. The first step consists of identifying the profile of your target audience and finding out which social media networks, they are most active on so that you can focus on syndicating content on them, instead of spreading yourself thin by working on other platforms. You should post content interesting and relevant to your target audience and get employees, sponsors, and business partners to like and share them. Each share will give your business access to a new network of potential customers. To create a buzz around your brand, you can promote your social account with

More Inbound Traffic

One of the biggest challenges for marketers is to generate more inbound traffic. While you can only achieve so much with digital advertising and SEO, social media represents a unique opportunity to keep expanding your brand awareness and attract traffic to your website with strategic content and business promotion techniques. You can easily customize the same content to suit the preferences of customers across multiple social media platforms thus cutting down on the effort of creating engaging content. In sharp contrast to search engine marketing, social media marketing tends to create loyal visitors, particularly when the quality of the content is high and engaging. A vibrant presence on social media is also a good opportunity to engage with customers of different profiles.

Higher Conversion Rates

Social media marketing has a better impact than other methods of digital marketing is it allows marketers to humanize their businesses. While the content on a business website must invariably be more formal and structured, social media permits marketers to break free and post all kinds of content in a more informal tone. According to the Search Engine Journal, the customer can better relate to the business, the brands, and the people behind them with diverse content that he can identify with better. Moreover, social media allows marketers and customers to develop a relationship because of two-way communication. Customers can post their comments and marketers can respond to them appropriately to create a feeling of engagement that goes a long way in building trust and credibility. More conversions are inevitable.


Social media allows marketers and customers to meet and interact with each other more informally. Every new customer engagement with the brand is an opportunity for the marketer to increase its sphere of influence at little or no incremental cost. More than any other marketing channel, social media increases business credibility and improves brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.