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Complete Calendar Editions In The Blancpain Villeret Series

Embedding Beautifully watch with numerous technicalities has become a tradition of Blancpain Watches. Expert watchmakers at the brand deal with different technical features of a unique timepiece and then fine-tune it within a case of high-quality.

Blancpain has launched many timepiece lines from which Blancpain Villeret is known to be the one of the top-rated and recommended timepiece of all the time, thanks to its slim and smart look, It reflects a unique and robust look.

But with expertise in manufacturing different high-quality watch tools, here also comes a complication to fix it within the timepiece is just a crucial task, But Blancapin now every how to reach a level of high-class Swiss Watchmakers.

Today we’ll be exploring the Complete Calendar Editions of Blancpain Villeret Series… If you ever wonder how Blancpain makes these high-quality timepieces read this guide to the end.

Quantième Complet 8 Jours

A muscular timepiece in the series, the Quantième Complet 8 Jours is just a piece of art by the Blancpain. The uniquely designed dial with multiple complexities. This watch is a great example of a brand’s hardworking in manufacturing complicated timepiece yet maintaining an elegant look.

Combining Complicated features with the royalistic design is what, village series is based on. Quantieme is a high-class automatic timepiece by the Brand and also one of the most-sold version because of its quality and precision rate.

Let’s have a look at the detailed technical features of this timepiece.

Technical Features:

It is where everything has to be based on, it specifies the timepiece durability and sturdiness, So, it has to be robust enough to be a part of a Blancpain Watch. This watch features a gold plated version of the case. The gold material is considered to be a premium yet durable, that’s why engineers at the brand choose it to be used in this version.

The cutting edge technology is what is used at the Blancpain to manufacture timepieces. So, you’ll see optimally smoother edges and a classy look.

Caliber 6639 is what is only used in the exclusive addition for an enhanced level of precisional rate also featured in this timepiece. The automatic mechanism-based movement makes you comfortable for its self-winding properties. No longer be needed to re-wind as after ending a power reserve it’ll wind automatically and let you continue your busy schedule continuously.

32 mm of caliber based on more than 300 hand-crafted individual components to ensure the extremely enhanced exactness property of the watch. The power reserve of this timepiece is of more than 150 hours.

All the technicalities and complicated functions are based on these movements.

Complete Calendar:
The main feature of this timepiece is its uniquely designed complete calendar that is marvelously embedded in this caliber. The days are featured on the outer region of the internal dial at the top of the Roman Numerals for time-observing.

While a curved marker is used to specify the day, Month and English Day is segregated on the dial at 12 o’clock, on the bottom, its brand’s logo is printed.

Complete Calendar is an enhanced complicated feature of the timepiece and needs expert watchmaker to be made. The practical implication of this feature is seen in this timepiece.

In addition to a Full Calendar, a poetic note indicator Moonphase complication is also seen embedded in the Blancpain Villeret at 6 o’clock over which small seconds meter is seen.

This feature is used to specify the reproduction of the lunar cycles and variations in the different phases. This thing made this timepiece to be a multi-functional watch for everyday use.

The white dial reflects a magnificent and classic look. The indices and numerals gold plated looks minimalistic on the white dial and overall timepiece looks gorgeous on the wrist of a man.

The dial is designed to suit all types of dress codes and manufactured by following the aesthetic codes of a uniquely designed timeless appearance.

The Red-gold case is equipped with a Pure leather strap. This high-quality strap is based on alligator patterns, which reflect a muscular look of the watch…

So, tell us in the comment whether you like this timepiece or want to recommend a better version of Blancpain Watch with Complete Calendar.