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Top 5 Reasons Why Young People Take Drugs

A lot of people around us, the media, and friends influence the way we make choices and decisions. One of the reasons a person starts taking drugs is the desire to be part of a community. There is social pressure that can induce drug use, even if it was not part of your plans.

However, there are also other reasons why young people try drugs and sometimes become drug addicts. In order to prevent possible problems, it is good to know what can cause them.

It doesn’t matter why a person starts taking drugs, because addiction can occur anytime and for various reasons. People might not even notice that it’s happening. When it is already developed it can be extremely difficult to try quitting without any professional help. That is why when you realize that you are displaying obvious signs of drug addiction it’s essential to get help right away.

If you or your loved ones start taking drugs, do not be afraid to look for help. Trusted friends, parents, or other adults can help. You can always call an AddictionResource addiction helpline or, if the problem is already very serious, seek help in a rehabilitation facility. There is also a source via faith based recovery program.

1. Influence of others.

Young people may see the use of various addictive substances around them: adults and other young people drinking alcohol, smoking, or even using drugs. Thus, there may arise an opinion that this is a part of our ordinary life. Young people can start experimenting with drugs because they see that their friends do the same.

Indeed, the example of peers, older siblings, and parents negatively affects young people and the risk of starting drug use increases. It might seem for young people that everyone considers drug use to be normal and everyone has tried it at least once.

2. The media may portray drugs as if they were part of the successful people’s life.

The media influences a person’s consumption habits, so if it presents addictive substances as a normal part of a successful lifestyle, people start to use these substances more often. Sometimes movies also portray drugs as an important part of an interesting life. However, it is not true that drugs are a sign of successful people. Success depends on education, knowledge, and skills, networks, work style, character, positive thinking, self-esteem, and creativity – but certainly not drugs. Young people would know that if they called drug rehab florida.

It is true that certain substance use increases self-confidence, but it is short-lived, like an intoxication itself. The reaction of friends to stupidities committed in a state of intoxication can be unpredictable – somebody will be amused by such behavior, others will not like it. After recovering from the state of alcoholic or drug intoxication, the person often experiences poor health and shame for the actions they have committed.

3. People want to escape from reality and gate self-help.

If young people are unhappy and unable to express their disappointments, failures, or anger, they may start using drugs as a way of self-help. For young people, adolescence is often emotionally difficult and sometimes even depressive.

There are young people who abuse prescription drugs, for example, to cope with stress or depression. Some people try to take drugs to escape their learning difficulties, communication problems, or other emotional stress.

In fact, drug use does not relieve depression or solve problems, but, on the contrary, can make them worse. Studies have shown that young people who use alcohol and drugs are more likely to have violent behavior, depression, and suicidal thoughts. Drug information hotlines can help cope with those problems.

4. Expression of protest.

Sometimes young people decide to take drugs to protest themselves. For example, alcohol is often consumed by those young people who feel embittered because it helps to vent aggression. Some people smoke cannabis because they do not care about the rules set by society.

Taking drugs to express your feelings is a short-term solution, and in the long term, it does not contribute to the ability to cope with life situations. Negative feelings are a part of our life, the consultants of any drug help hotline say. Taking drugs does not help us avoid these feelings, but it can be the reason we will not be able to deal with negative feelings without drugs. Studies have shown that the earlier young people start using drugs, the more likely they are to become addicted and switch to hard drugs.

5. It is a quick way to have fun.

Drugs work fast. Often, young people start taking drugs in order to immediately experience pleasure, euphoria, and happiness. However, the effect of drugs on the body is individual, and instead of pleasure, you can get a negative experience or a bad trip. Even if drug intoxication causes euphoria, it usually does not last long. Sometimes it is a matter of minutes.

A body quickly becomes addicted to the drug. Thus, a person needs more substances to achieve the same effect, which can lead to addiction. Nobody thought, in the beginning, they would become addicted. Everyone was confident they would be able to control drug use and, if necessary, refuse them at any time. Usually, that is not the case. So starting drug treatment is the best choice to prevent any further complications and have a really good and healthy life.