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Considerable Security and Safety Parameters in a Cash Lock Box 

Buying a cash locker box for the first time? Are you completely unaware of the technical aspects associated with a good quality cash safe? Money safety is one of the primary aspects why people search for safes. For home and commercial locations, we need lockers with different specifications. Still, some technical aspects remain almost the same to ensure that your safe is meeting crucial basic parameters. Below is a guide to understanding the technical aspects of a safe before buying it. 

Guide to buy a reliable cash locker 

  • Consider the size and dimensions on priority

Before the safety and security aspects, finalize a size that fits your needs. Cash lock box models are available in different sizes and shapes. Some of them are thin enough to easily disappear in the wall whereas others need proper flooring space. A compact size would be suitable for home use or if you need it only for liquid cash storage in the commercial location. If you also need a safe for important documents storage, consider a bigger option. Consider width as well as depth carefully when it comes to selecting the size. Also, don’t forget to measure the space where you are going to install it. 

  • Certification by a credible accreditation body

When it comes to buying a storage space to safeguard your valuable assets, security and safety need double-checking. Don’t buy any random safe just because its brand name is renowned. Go in-depth to the certification. Below is a list of credible rating standards to consider:- 

  1. TL Rating 
  2. UL Rating 
  3. B Rating 
  4. C Rating
  • More weight, more robust

Consider weight as a major factor affecting the robustness of your cash safe box. Keep it simple, if your safe is lightweight, it can be penetrated, hammered or damaged by heat easily. Also, check the metal type and thickness used in increasing the weight. Along with heavyweight, the door’s construction also needs to be considered seriously. If you are noticing wide gaps in the closure area of the door, consider it a vulnerable model. 

  • Promised fire protection parameters 

Just like certification for robustness,  a cash safe box also needs fire safety. No matter how robustly a safe was built, it is worthless if the heat burns inside cash and important documents. Both intentional and unintentional fire incidents may cause severe damage to the assets stored inside a safe. Generally, companies use gypsum boards to enhance fire safety standards. However, new improvised cooling technologies are also coming to the market. An average “fireproof” locker can give heat safety for 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the quality parameters and heat intensity. 

Do some online research, compare the physical parameters and keep these points in your mind whenever you plan to buy a safe. Cash lockers are the hotspots for every burglar, so keep them safe and stealthy as much as possible.