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Interactive Brokers Fees: Are They Low or High?

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Interactive Brokers is a company that enjoys both trust and loyalty among traders. Still, if you want to try their services, you had better start by studying their fee policy. For you to easily make a decision, we have compiled a review of their basic commissions and compared them to those offered by other websites.

Interactive Brokers is a company of global standing. It can boast more than 40 years of successful history and loyalty of users from more than 30 countries. As of now, it provides access to a full range of trading assets, including currency pairs, options, stocks, bonds, futures, metals, and others.

Speaking about Interactive Brokers Fees, they may seem complicated a bit, but they are transparent enough. There is no need to worry about hidden commissions. So, US stocks and ETFs trading is free of charge for American users. For other kinds of stocks, commissions vary, but they are relatively similar to those charged by other sources. Stock options are not subject to any commissions as well. As for currency pairs trading, fees vary from 0.20 to 0.08 basis points. Speaking about options trading, commissions depend both on the sum of a deal and on the region of a user. For example, if a client comes from the USA, he will be charged $0.25–$0.65 for a trade under $10,000. If a trader is interested in bonds and mutual funds, he will not be charged any commissions in most cases, if he lives in the USA. CFD deals are subject to commissions from 0.05%. And, if one wants to invest in cryptocurrency, fees will start from 0.18% times the trade value and go lower as the monthly trade value increases. Speaking about other types of commissions, one can make deposits and withdrawals free of charge, but there is a monthly limit ― one withdrawal. There are no penalties for inactivity.

In sum, one can conclude that affordable fees are one of the key advantages of the Interactive Brokers platform. If you compare their rates with other services, you will see that they are among the cheapest on the market.