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Content Creation for Your Business in 2021: Video is King

It’s clear that in this day and age, business is evolving. No matter what your industry is, the online presence of your company needs to adapt to convert those “likes” and “views” into sales. This can be accomplished by directing traffic from your social media pages to your website shop or Amazon store. Whether done on a budget or with help from a professional, one thing is for certain: in 2021, video is king.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider pivoting your marketing strategy and capitalizing on the power of video.

  1.  People comprehend and remember information better when watching a video.

The average viewer will retain up to 95% of a video’s information. This is a pretty extensive amount, given that when reading, the average person only comprehends around 10% of your company’s message.

The issue with written content is that when you have a product or a service that requires an educational campaign or awareness campaign, you want to make sure that nothing is left to speculation or uncertainty. That’s why video is typically used in these types of campaigns, to make sure that the target audience is well educated on how and why the product or service will work. Watching a video is also less effort than reading, so people can learn without feeling like they’re putting in any of the hard work.

     2.  Social media platforms encourage it through algorithms

Various social media platforms have now implemented new algorithms that benefit influencers and businesses through the power of video. You may or may not know “IGTV”, an Instagram feature that was not adopted from the get-go, but is now flourishing with content. The shift to video was so successful that Instagram has now recently been promoting its newest feature, “IG Reels”.

It’s thought that people favor video on social media because the moving image grabs their attention and stops their “endless scrolling”. If you can draw a user in with the first one or two seconds of your content, you’re onto a winner. The trick is to produce a video that’s actually worth watching, and if you don’t know how to do that, Alpha Omega Video can help.

  1. Reach

Videos in general are now playing everywhere non-stop 24/7, and we have the internet and social platforms to thank for this. These platforms allow you to reach your target audience with ease, while allowing your audience to give you feedback quickly. With the right practices in video marketing, you have the potential to grow your business faster than ever, and in the current market with all the competition, you’ll need personal videos that showcase to your audience that you are the correct choice for them.

With social media platforms trending in the direction of direct-to-consumer video media, the case has never been stronger to start video marketing. Moving forward, this trend won’t be going away any time soon; in fact, it seems likely that it’ll be getting more competitive, and in order for your business to stand out in a crowd you need to appeal to the crowd.