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Monetize Your Blog Using Vouchertoday’s Coupon Code API.

Own a blog and thinking about monetization? Monetizing a blog or website can be a never ending journey of tutorials and numerous dead ends. If you’ve tried Google Adwords or other ad networks, then you’ll know there’s not much money if you don’t have many avid readers, and your numbers are not in the tens of thousands. A new player has entered the game to make monetizing your blog or website easier, Vouchertoday’s Coupon API. With Vouchertoday’s coupon API, you can easily pull thousands of discounts and coupons straight to your website via their restful API, then earn commission when they purchase through your link (exactly how you would with affiliate marketing). If you’re a WordPress user, you’ll soon be able to download their WordPress plugin, which will be “Plug & Earn” technology. 

Vouchertoday has over 20,000+ merchants feeding into their API from all over the globe, with over 100,000 discounts available for your users to use. Speaking to the founder Jonathan, “If you have an active blog with returning visitors, you could serve coupons from a new page, a sidebar widget or create a mini coupon site in addition to your main blog. The implementation choice is yours, we just supply you the raw data”. This could be a golden path for quick monetization on any blog, though there is a cost if you decide to go down the API route. Vouchertoday’s API packages start at $150 per month, but this can be used on multiple sites, there’s no cap. You can also visit to view coupons and promo codes for various products and services.  We have been informed that the WordPress plugin by Vouchertoday will be completely free to install, but you will only earn 50% revenue on each sale in a revenue sharing program, great for smaller blogs who want to test the waters. 

Most blogs already use various affiliate programs to increase their revenue, even big brands such as Wired have coupon portals. With Vouchertoday, you can serve your readers with up-to-date and valid discount codes, without loading or hunting down affiliate codes. Vouchertoday’s WordPress plugin could be a huge timesaver, and a monetary lifeline for quite a few blogs who would like to monetize, without doing lots of technical work in the background. If you’re looking to build a coupon website white-label, or add a sub-domain to your blog with coupon codes, then Vouchertoday’s API will give you a kick start, though it will cost you $150 per month. 

Doing a quick Google search brings up numerous API’s which do something fairly similar, though you have to join the affiliate networks yourself, which requires numerous applications and jumping through hoops – Vouchertoday takes this headache away. When you subscribe to their API or download Vouchertoday’s WordPress plugin, you will instantly gain access to their entire offer and brand catalog. 

If you’re looking to monetize your blog, I’d suggest giving the WordPress plugin a test when it releases. If you’re looking to build something more advanced, I’d pay the $150 per month and go the API route.