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Create a Cartoon Character of Yourself With These 6 Sites

Why not create a cartoon character of yourself instead of using real photos to represent yourself in any online profile or avatar? When you represent yourself in your online profiles in a cartoonized way, it will be fun and unique to others.

For cartoon illustrations, you don’t have to pay an artist since many web services are free. Your only step is to upload your photo, then mix and match. The following websites will allow you to create a cartoon version of yourself.

Aside from turning your photos into watercolor drawings, you can also morph your face on this amazing site. You will be able to change your face expressions by uploading your photo on the website.

Pick a Face

The Pick a Face website has a really modern design and a lot of cool features, so it’s one of my favorites. After you reach the website, click on the link, choose your language, and click Create Avatar. Choose your face, either male or female, to start creating.

Image to cartoon

Web-based app Image to cartoon allows you to turn any image into a cartoon with just a few clicks. Using this tool, your face can be made into a cartoon or anime. The process only takes a few seconds.

AI cartoon technology sets it apart from its competitors. Improve productivity and creativity by using AI Image to Cartoon software.

Detailed reviews can be found at Trendstorys.


When you use the BeFunky Cartoonizer, the first thing that comes to mind is an avenue for excellence. This tool was developed in 2007. A cartoon is created from a photo using the Cartoonizer from BeFunky. Throughout our growth, BeFunky has been most popular for its Cartoonizer effect. These images are of high quality. There isn’t a full application available for download from the developer. It is, however, accessible online.

Photo Cartoon

With Photo Cartoon, a simple photo editing program, you can turn an image into a cartoon. The Cartoonize service does not require any photo editing skills – you simply upload the image, choose the effect, and click Cartoonize. It’s that simple!

You can even create cartoons with the service. Alternatively, you can make your friends jealous with the Pencil Draw or Painting Effects. Within seconds, you can get your desired picture.

Face Your Manga

You can create your own avatar with different customization options. To customize your character, you can choose hair color, eyes, clothes, hats, items, and more. This website is easy to use.


In addition to their intuitive interfaces, these programs can be used both online and offline. The best cartoonizer with many superior features, despite being free, is Imagetocartoon and

The speed at which they can produce high-quality, dazzling cartoons is extraordinary. Feel free to share any other quality sites with us in the comments.