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Creative Ways of Using Your USB Thumb Drive

USB flash drives are actually more versatile than you may think, offering powerful benefits that go beyond storing as well as transferring data.

The following tricks can be utilized by both beginners and techno-geeks to achieve anything from fixing a virus-ridden computer and finding the best portable monitor to installing as well as playing portable applications right from the app.

Give It A Custom Icon

Do you often utilize multiple USB flash drives? Or do you just want to make your drive more visible? Well, you may want to consider giving it a custom icon. And this begins with storing a .ico file inside the drive- create one from any image using tools like the ConvertIcon web app. Once you’re done, plug in your USB flash drive and you’ll recognize the one you’re looking at on explorer windows or your desktop.

Take Advantage of DemocraKey

If you’re in a place where the security, privacy, as well as tracking conditions aren’t known, you may want to consider utilizing the DemocraKey bundle. This set of Windows-based applications often includes a browse, encryption suite, image editor, plus an email client that makes browsing anonymous and secure.

Restore a Virus-Ridden System

Ready to install an Ubuntu system on your thumb drive? Well, you’ve just found a reliable solution to fix that malfunctioned Windows system. With an Ubuntu thumb drive, it’s possible to scan and fix viruses, clean up disk space, fix partitions, recover files, and recover lost Windows passwords.

USB flash drives are small, compact, and lightweight. So, when trading it between Windows systems, a flash drive reminder might pop up, especially when you’re logging off or shutting down your computer. In this case, you ought to eject the drive safely before you can proceed, otherwise, you may end up damaging your drive.

Install a Portable Windows App

If you don’t have enough space on windows, your USB drive can serve as a fully-fledge launcher. There are several open-source suites out there and these include Firefox, Notepad ++, Pidgin, Chrome, as well as GIMP. PortableApps is one of the most consistent and up-to-date hubs of free Windows software.

Sync Different Files

Instead of copying files manually, why not synch everything you need? This will help your USB thumb drive to automatically keep up with Dropbox. With the help of advanced tools such as SynchBack Freeware and SyncToy, you can automatically copy or delete files that stick out. And in turn, it makes things much easier for you. Plus, it offers increased convenience as well as enhanced versatility.

Try A Portable Linux OS

Linux systems can be extremely handy on USB flash drives. They’re super-fast and are highly customizable. Amongst all bulk memory cards USB thumb drives, Puppy Linux plus various Ubuntu flavors seem to have gained immense popularity in today’s market. Utilize these powerful tools on Windows for creating read-only systems that aren’t only efficient but also persistent.

Secure Your Documents plus Files

If all you need is to utilize your USB thumb drive for file storage, consider encrypting it. Doing this will ensure that only you can access the files stored inside, rendering it useless to those who find or steal your drive. You want your documents to be safe, right? Then, this trick has got you covered.

USB flash drives are available in numerous sizes ranging from 1GB to 2000GB (that’s 2 Terabytes), so there’s literally an option for everyone’s specific needs. Nonetheless, the prices also increase with the storage size. So, be keen not to overspend on wasted storage. But this will solely depend on what you intend to use the flash drive for.

Keep Your Drive Safe and Secure

Data stored on a flash drive can be very sensitive. That’s security should be strongly considered. Plug the drive on a USB port and you’ll have instant access to all files stored there. While it’s possible to protect each file with a password, a better option is to safeguard the entire device by creating a pin that should be entered so as to gain access to it. For optimal protection of data, you should seriously consider incorporating this feature into your drive. It’s efficient, reliable, and safe.

How Long Does A USB Thumb Drive Last?

Just like other hardware, USB drives have a limited lifespan. Typically, these devices can be written to between 2,000 and 100,000 times before failing. This is quite a long time, right? However, there are numerous factors that can cause your USB flash drive to fail, including electrical component failure as well as eject or mount failures that occur when the device is removed while it’s still communicating with the PC. Therefore, it’s always important to buy high-tech flash drives that are created by reputable manufacturers with quality components.

Key Takeaway

When it comes to PC storage, USB flash drives remain a critical piece. So, it’s always important to know the things to look for when shopping around for this special gadgets. With lots of data involved in your daily business activities, data storage is an extremely important aspect to consider. While cloud storage is an incredible solution, you really can’t rule out the usefulness of USB flash drives. Though small as well as compact, these devices are more than capable of backing up operating systems as well as storing huge amounts of data. Nonetheless, there are numerous flash drives available on today’s market that it can be quite disorienting to establish the one that’s perfect for your needs. Check out the following tips for choosing an excellent USB flash drive.


There’s an endless list of things you can do with a US thumb drive. From locking and unlocking your computer to syncing files, installing a portable Windows, trying Linux, and securing files. However, it’s important to note that without proper care your drive may end up getting damaged. So be keen to make sure it isn’t exposed to extreme temperatures or humidity. You really don’t want to lose your data, right? Then, exercise caution.