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Credit Card Casino Payment: Is It Still Popular?

Online gambling in the United Kingdom is massive and considered one of the largest markets in the world. There are millions of gamblers so you can see why this is the case. All of them are looking for a site where they can deposit funds easily and in no time. Credit cards are still the simplest option of them all. 

How Popular Credit Cards Are

Using credit cards to deposit funds has been the most popular option in the UK for a long period of time. There are a few, simple reasons for that. First of all, this is an extremely fast method. Secondly, it is safe and reliable. Third, it can be used for both deposits and withdrawals at any casinos. However, this is a thing from the past. Credit cards are banned for use at UK casinos. You can still find credit card casino sites at which are available for UK players but they are based outside the United Kingdom. 

The regulation comes from the UKGC which is no strange thing. This gambling authority is well-known for making all kinds of regulations, rules and so much more that have a negative effect on gambling in general. It makes it more complicated, less appealing, and more annoying. One of those rules is the ban on credit cards. 

If you think straight, you can see that issue. A gambler won’t be able to use a credit card to deposit funds. But, he will use a credit card to open an e-wallet like PayPal and use that for deposits. The funds are still used from the credit card so the end result is the same. But, players now must pay for additional PayPal fees and must invest more time, and must wait for their money to reach the account longer. A while back, you were able to withdraw funds from the casino directly to the credit card. Now you must do it to the medium and then withdraw it to the credit card account.

Casinos without the UKGC licence do not have this issue. These still allow players to accept credit cards and to use them for deposits and withdrawals. This is one of many advantages for gamblers and also one of many reasons why so many gamblers have been gambling at these casinos. They are beneficial, period. 

Will credit cards remain popular in the future?

The simplest answer would be yes, they will. Credit cards are the safest payment method and the most versatile. You can use these for depositing funds and withdrawals at all casinos. You can use them for online shopping, paying for services and so much more. Add the fact that all people have at least one credit card while many have 2 or more and you can see the appeal.

Credit cards are becoming ‘’faster’’ and better. In the past, you had to wait 10 days in order to complete the withdrawal transaction. Now, you can get your money within a few hours. Safety is improved as well. All credit card companies are investing heavily into making their credit cards as safe as possible. With the technological advancements, this is mandatory and something that is highly recommended. 

Fees are going lower. We can see that using credit cards is more affordable than ever before. In this case scenario, we have a clear advantage. It makes all of this cheaper and you can invest more funds in gambling, which is something you actually want. 

So now you know why credit cards will remain popular in the near future. Of course, we are referring to the casinos that are not located in the UK. They are still accepting credit cards. UK sites do not, and this will probably remain an issue.  


Credit cards have been the best payment method for online gambling in the world. Using these is simple, effective, versatile, and extremely safe. Most if not all casinos without the UKGC licence still accept credit cards so you will need to consider them if you want to deposit funds using this banking option. In UK casinos, this isn’t an option anymore and for all gamblers, this is a severe drawback. Luckily there is always an alternative, something we can help you with.