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New Technologies to Overcome Gambling Issues 

With the exponential growth of the gambling industry in the UK grew the number of people troubled by the adverse effects of the same. With the age of all over technological advancement comes the technological solution for various issues related to gambling. In the current market, there are several noteworthy technologies that support the cause of safe gambling including software as well as transaction control services. It is up to the users to decide what is appropriate for their situation because each person is battling their issues in their own unique ways. Even if it is not easy to gain control over the impulse; nowadays we have the support of advanced technology to stick to the goals and carry on with reversing gambling addiction issues. 

Transaction Control Service 

There are certain banks in the UK that came forward to join hands with the cause and support safe gambling practices. This led away towards exploring new possibilities leading towards significant development. To show their support towards responsible gambling, the banks restricted the use of credit and debit cards for paying off casino bills. 

On the other hand, NonStopCasino revealed credit card casinos that are still working. HSBC, Starling bank, Barclays, First Direct, Lloyds Banking Group are some of the banks supporting the cause. Account-holders of these banks can apply for blocking the transaction pathway for online gambling purposes. This can be an effective solution for compulsive gambling. 

Self Exclusion Services 

Self-exclusion services are the primary step one is expected to take right after recognizing addictive tendencies towards gambling. Exclusion is important for cultivating new habits that are devoid of gambling. GamStop is an independently operating software of self-exclusion that disables access into gambling sites registered under the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. 

This comes absolutely free to that UK punters and hence the easiest and the most convenient method of eradicating gambling tendencies. It is compulsory for all the operators throughout the UK to comply with the rules of GamStop in order to stay in operation lawfully. One can voluntarily choose a period of exclusion considering the severity of the addiction. 

GamStop offers services including debt support, psychological support as well as proper control. Once registered at the Gamstop it is impossible for one to gain access to gambling sites before the maturation of the exclusion period. 

Another effective technique is the BetBlocker program that helps in resolving any issues regarding customer interaction with operators. It is available for free to the people of the UK. BetBlocker also helps with self-imposed restrictions blocking gambling-related content. 

Gamblock is another such software running on the most recent technology that contains a wide variety of databases offering top-notch security. 

Casino Blockers 

The new-age technology resulted in the advent of several casinos blocking software in the market. This software is running on the most advanced technologies to stay relevant and effective to the problems these are addressing. The software can be paid options for exclusion but serves a variety of purposes,  be it a problematic gambler or even an under-age gambler, these blocking software are effective for any kind of unhealthy relationship with gambling. Betfilter is a blocking software one has to pay for in order to have access to the services. It is supported in Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android devices to provide adults with a gambling-free webspace. 

The services are pretty strict and it is almost impossible to deactivate. NetNanny is another such software filtering content for the users registered according to their necessity. It further raises notifications if someone tries to gain access to the restricted sites. These blocking software are available in lieu of some minimum subscription fees which were decided to keep in mind the affordability. oftentimes, paid blockers are successful to attain more serious attention from punters because otherwise, it is them losing more money in a way and hence they run on the most advanced technologies providing the best services. 


There is a wide variety of options to choose from when it comes to new technologies applied in software providing gambling prevention. There is one for everyone. Moreover, these are to choose from mostly depending upon the requirements and necessities of the punter and how severe the condition of the punter is in terms of addiction. 

The government is actively taking steps to spread the message of safe gambling practices and also making sure these messages exceed the number of the ones that are encouraging the population towards rather indulging in it. Apart from the excellent services provided by these new and improved technologies, giving up addictive tendencies to gambling is solely dependent upon personal intentions and desires.