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How to Get GamBan Blocker For Free?

Gambling-related problems are really affecting a lot of people’s productivity in their workspace, academics, careers, marriages, and more. When we talk about problem gambling, we talk more about the repercussions, which are very much severe. GamBan is a gambling blocking software that was founded in 2015 to tackle problem gambling fully across the gambling landscape.

GamBan has gone on to include several cutting edge solutions to their offerings across many facets of gambling. If you have someone battling with problem gambling, GamBan might be the best solution out of it.

Why Choose GamBan?

GamBan is as instructively easy as any lifestyle, sports, or entertainment apps on your device. GamBan is highly efficient with a wide array of proven results among mild to chronic problem gamblers. The GamBan strategy has been developed for players to test the waters via a 7-day free trial offer.

With a view to providing only phenomenal services to players, GamBan has partnered GamStop, the UK’s leading non-profit organization against problem gambling. Their partnership has fostered a thriving avenue for the attainment of technical, emotional, and network support to players. What’s more, GamStop helps GamBan subscribers to obtain debt management from their banks, as well as gambling-related transaction blocking.   

It is worth mentioning that GamBan is a paid service with different subscription models and pricing for players. For instance, the Cool Off monthly subscription goes for 2.49 pounds per month. The Exclusion subscription is at 24.99 pounds per annum (2.08 pounds per month). Both subscriptions would protect all your registered devices, offer technical support, and connection to GamStop services.

How to Get GamBan for Free?

With a lot of grounded efforts to keep the gambling landscape safe, secure, and healthy, GamBan ticks all the boxes. You can access GamBan from every part of the globe, provided you gamble online, you are covered by the service. As already noted GamBan services are paid, but it’s free on the Gamcare networks, which is fully operational in the UK.

Aside from the Gamcare networks, you can also access GamBan free of charge in the following ways:

Getting free promos around the web

There are dozens of independent casino sites and sportsbooks registering on several Gamcare networks like GamStop to enable self-exclusion and blocking. Such businesses also want a smooth gambling ecosystem devoid of harmful practices that militate against players’ overall well-being online and offline. On this basis, they are fully throwing their weights behind the Gamcare networks so that all players remain safe.

Therefore, customers of such licensed gambling businesses are sometimes offered free GamBan protection services in the form of free promotions. These promotions are tailored to provide the same GamBan services but for free via qualified gambling operators only.

If you’re already playing at some casinos, you can check if there are such promos available on the web. If not, then you simply have to search, register an account on a reputable outlet, and opt for GamBan.

Get Free Promo Code From Reliable Casino Operators

Casino operators are a big part of the race for a clean gambling landscape. To this end, they get to offer free software blocking services directly on GamBan. With such free promo codes, you can stop gambling for the duration you wish, and it’s all for free.

Casinos like SkyBingo, Ladbrokes, Bwin, Unibet, etc. are offering free promo codes to help players get access to GamBan. Apart from these listed casinos, there are many other UK licensed casinos that partner with GamBan and readily provide free promo codes. It’s even much easier if you’re an existing customer on the platform/casino that offers the promo code.  

You Can Look for free Promo Around the Web

Apart from free promo codes from online casinos, you can also get free promo codes from financial institutions. Yes, financial institutions also have a significant role to play in curtailing problem gambling amongst their customers. Unfortunately, not all UK-based banks offer such card blocking services for gambling transactions.

However, some banks like Lloyd Banking Group, HSBC, Monzo, Starling Bank, Barclays, Santander, RBS/Natwest, Cashplus, and First Direct offer it. These banks usually have promo codes that offer players free access to GamBan. For instance, Halifax, Lloyds Bank, and Bank of Scotland currently have GamBan promo codes on the GamBan website.

You should also search the web for more promo codes from other concerned institutions.                     


You have to understand that you don’t necessarily have to pay for GamBan services all the time. It’s fair to have the promo codes save you some cash since that’s apparently part of the rationale behind GamBan.

You have to play your role in searching for active ways to get GamBan software blocker for free and leverage them. In doing this, GamStop would be invaluable to you.