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CS:GO Dust 2 Map Commonly Used Callouts

In csgo callouts dust 2, the players frequently mark the names of the places they often visit as long as you enter this website!

CS:GO’s Dust 2 map design is a classic case in the history of level design. Dust 2 should also be the most frequently played map. It is very necessary for players to familiarize themselves with the common labels of Dust 2 maps. The following is a list of some commonly used csgo callouts dust 2 for you. I hope it can help you. If you want to know more about csgo callouts dust 2, please visit

1. T Spawn and T base

Both T Spawn and T base can be used to indicate the birth point of the T camp, whic is the police base.

2. CT Spawn and CT base

The same two annotations, CT Spawn and CT base, can be used to indicate that the birth point of the CT camp is also the base of terrorists.

3. Long doors

A door that connects A Long and Outside Long . Long doors are also a battleground between T camp and CT camp. However, since the T Spawn of T camp is relatively close to Long doors, T camp usually takes this position.

4. Blue 

Blue is located at A Long The large blue container near the Doors , the CT camp usually throws smoke here, disrupting the rhythm of the T camp attacking the Long doors . 

5. Pit

The Pit is a large pit located under the steep slope directly opposite the A plat on the dust 2 map . Next to the Long Doors , the Pit is a very good bunker. The T camp can confuse the CT camp’s sight by throwing smoke.

6. A long

A long is a narrow runway . This mark connects the A bomb site with Pit and Long Doors. The best way for the T camp to attack area A is to attack A long. Be careful when crossing this area, otherwise you will be killed stuck here .

7. A car

A Car is a car close to A Long, where the T camp usually throws smoke to the CT Spawn box to seal the Long doors.

8. A Ramp

A Ramp is a ramp connecting A Cross and A bomb point , and it is also an excellent smoke point.

9. Goose

Goose is a goose graffiti on the back of the barrel of the A bomb point, which is a sniper position.

10  A plat

A plat can pinpoint the position between the A short and the main bomb site, and it is also a must for the offense.

11. A short

A trail connecting bomb site A and Midsection , and it is also a favorite place for terrorists.

12. Elevator

Can be found near A Site Platform , which is where the CT faction regroups.

13. Top mid

It can be called the far point of the middle road, located in the upper part of Mid.

14. Mid

Mid refers to the middle part of the dust 2 map , which can be called the middle road. Mid divides the map into a T-dominant area and a CT-dominant area.

15. Lower B

Lower B is the B tunnel part of the dust 2 map, which can generally be considered as the stairwell and the connecting tunnel .

16. B car

B Car is located on the side of the exit of the tunnel , and it is also a relatively good cover, which can remind teammates to pay attention to the enemies behind the car .

17. Back Plat

The Back Plat is a sniper position on the B platform that can be used as a marker when you are on the back of the sidewalk.

18. B windows

B Window is the small opening of the box in area B. Jump on the box and enter through the small opening to enter area B from the direction of CT’s house.

The above are the markings of several places that you often go to in csgo callouts dust 2. If you need to know more about CS:GO Dust 2, you can visit They will continue to update countless information and the most professional guide!