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Snappdf: Inserting PDFs into Excel Sheet Cells

Excel spreadsheets are extremely useful for a wide variety of reasons. One of these benefits is that it can store a massive amount of information. Excel can manage large amounts of tabular data; you just need to learn how to use it effectively. 

Although Excel has numerous tools that can assist with data visualization, sometimes it’s necessary to incorporate an external document into a workbook. So you must get appropriate excel training for that. If you’ve never considered doing so, or are unsure of how to do so, this comprehensive guide will show you how to insert a PDF into an Excel cell using the . Well, first we need to figure out why you would even consider doing that. 

When is it appropriate to incorporate a PDF into an Excel workbook? 

Some may question how and when they could benefit from such a PDF hint, but the truth is that you will. Some examples of when it would be helpful to convert a PDF into an editable MS Office file are listed below. 

  • You have been tasked with writing a lengthy report full of numbers and barely explained information. Do you think it would be helpful to include notes and clarifications explaining this document? 
  • You’re working on a lengthy assignment, like a research paper. Isn’t it convenient to have all of your assignment’s required readings in one place? If that’s the case, you can keep the document open without having to shrink it.
  • You will be presenting your findings in the form of an Excel spreadsheet or a brief report. Having the entire work included in one document makes it easy to refer back to it later. ● You want to include PDF product details in your catalog. 

Keep this guide on inserting PDF into an Excel cell in mind the next time you’re in one of these or similar situations: 

Instructions for including PDF files in Excel documents. 

  • To begin: Launch the current file you’re editing. While an Excel file is used, the same logic applies to all MS Office file types. 
  • Second, select Insert from the menu bar that appears to the left of the “Home” button in most documents. 
  • Third, click the Object button under the Text menu, as shown in the picture. 
  • In the fourth and final stage, the Object window will appear, prompting you to select the item to be added. Click the Create New tab, and then select PDF from the list of object types to import a PDF into Excel. Once the PDF has been chosen, the first page will be imported into the Excel file once you click the OK button. In Excel, you can hide PDF content by selecting the Display as an icon checkbox. If you do this, Excel will only show the PDF icon, not the PDF itself. 

You can also select the tab Create from file and then browse to the PDF you wish to insert into Excel. There is an extra option available if you go this route: Link to file. Selecting this option will create a connection between the file and the Excel table. 

Aside from the default PDF icon, you can change it by clicking the Change Icon button and selecting a new one from your computer’s file system. 

Excel will launch as soon as a PDF file is inserted. You can shift the PDF document to a different location while you keep working in Excel. It operates in exactly the same way as any other spreadsheet object. 

Online PDF to Excel Conversion: When to Do It 

Instead of inserting the entire PDF file into the spreadsheet, you can simply copy the content you need by converting the PDF to Excel. If you do this on SnapPDF, the information will be readily accessible in an Excel file, making copying and pasting the necessary steps.