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‘Deal Or No Deal’; The Canceled Show That Keeps Producing

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“Deal or No Deal” was a compelling game show hit for NBC from 2005 till 2009 and briefly returned to our screens with Howie Mandel at the helm again in 2018. It’s a structure of game show that has been imported to a number of other countries but now has been adopted by online casinos and is proving extremely popular in many different guises. Below, we will take a look at three different iterations of this popular game show available for fans of online gaming today.

Deal or No Deal Bingo 90/75

To play “Deal or No Deal” online bingo you are required to first buy the number of tickets you want to play, and the 90 or 75 refers to the number of balls in play. Just like the TV show, each game comprises a selection of mystery boxes that are gradually opened to display a range of different cash amounts. As expected, if the number features on any of your tickets, you’ll daub it off hoping to be the first player to reveal a prize line. The prizes will vary depending on which game you’re playing, but the jackpot is significantly enticing and even if you don’t win the main prize, some cash will be shared among all the players.

The final prize is the full-house and this is when The Banker’s Offer will appear. All players get 10 seconds to vote if the deal should be accepted and if you hold the full-house, you get just 20 seconds to make a decision. It’s a great game for fans of the show and classic bingo gameplay, but check out our review of Deal or No Deal Slingo, as this slots and bingo hybrid might be more your thing. There’s also a “Deal or No Deal” scratchcard game that has a bingo vibe to it but isn’t as popular as the Bingo or Slingo titles.

Deal Or No Deal Lightning Spins

Slot aficionados will be well aware of this tie-in and the structure of the game show really works with the symbols, bonuses, scatters, and wilds we’ve come to expect with online slots. The game features standard slot symbols alongside images from the show such as The Banker’s telephone, coffee mug, and stamp. Just like the TV structure, you select boxes to eliminate and deals will be proposed by The Banker for you to accept or decline. If you make a deal, you will potentially be awarded Lightning Spins as well as the cash offer.

The Lightning Spins feature is an upgrade on the previous “Deal Or No Deal” slot and makes for a unique take on the regular bonus rounds you expect from an online slot game. Rather than a progressive jackpot, there are four fixed jackpots up for grabs, and while it seems complicated to move towards these, it’s actually simple to understand after a few spins. There’s now also a “Deal or No Deal: The Golden Game” slot, which is slightly different but will also prove popular with fans of the show.

Deal or No Deal Live

This is probably the best option for those who really want to know what happens when you are a game show winner. Deal or No Deal Live is a fresh presentation featuring an entertaining live host and outcomes produced by a Random Number Generator, which unsystematically selects which briefcases are jettisoned and which multipliers are triggered. The game comprises of different levels of qualification and you’ll need to progress through these to get to the juiciest prizes.

Just like the “Deal or No Deal “bingo and slots games, there are now a few different versions of “Deal or No Deal Live”, but they all generally have a primary game and an optional side bet feature. The game is broadcast live from a studio created to look identical to the TV show and the host does a good job of guiding you through the fast-paced game. 

We’ve mentioned on this site previously that “Deal or No Deal Slingo” is the perfect game for people who miss the show, but that’s not the only game in town that’s drawing in “Deal or No Deal” fans. The show was a big hit, but no longer with us. Yet its format has become even more successful in online casinos and there are now many ways you can enjoy playing this incredible game yourself.