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Is Deal or No Deal Slingo the Perfect Game For People Who Miss the Show?

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Deal or No Deal ran for four seasons on NBC from 2005 to 2009. It was in syndication for two seasons, and then finished on CNBC for a rebooted season in 2018-19. The game show presented by Howie Mandel was incredibly popular, and each of the early episodes averaged between 10 and 16 million viewers. Currently off the air, fans of the series can still enjoy it by playing the vast variety of related games. One of the standout Deal or No Deal options of recent times is Deal or No Deal Slingo.

What is Deal or No Deal Slingo?

Slingo is a hybrid game that mixes slots and bingo. It has become a popular feature of bingo sites, and there are now numerous options for people to choose from. For instance, Slingo bingo on Paddy Power has fourteen games for players to choose from. These have different themes, designed to appeal to diverse tastes. There’s Slingo Rainbow Riches for classic slots fans, Slingo Berserk for Viking lovers, and Slingo Deal or No Deal for people who enjoyed the television show.

Deal or No Deal Slingo uses all the classic boxes and themes from the series, including the iconic Banker. Players feel as if they’re taking part in an episode of the game show as the famous music kicks in. However, it’s slightly different. Just like with slots, the aim of the game is to spin the reels and complete a bingo card.

How Big Was Deal or No Deal in the USA?

The first season of Deal or No Deal in the USA was huge. Some episodes attracted up to 16 million viewers, as the unique game show format was easy to get in to and exciting because of the tough choices that players constantly faced. Mandel was also a well-known and familiar face. Indeed, he acted as the perfect host for the box opening offering.

Subsequent seasons weren’t quite as well-received as the debut season, but they still managed to average up to 9 million viewers per episode. The main reason why Deal or No Deal stopped airing in 2009 was to make way for Mandel’s new series, Howie Do It. Because Mandel had been the face of Deal or No Deal and one of the executive producers, it didn’t seem possible to switch the 65-year-old with another presenter.

Other Versions Still Airing

Deal or No Deal all started as Miljoenenjacht in the Netherlands in 2003. The game was so popular there that it influenced other countries to scramble to produce their own equivalents. Along with the USA, the UK also had a highly successful offering presented by Noel Edmonds. That one has, unfortunately, finished airing as well. However, diehard Deal or No Deal fans can still watch renditions from a few other nations. The original is still going strong, as are the North Macedonia, Jordan, and Kazakhstan versions.

Slingo Deal or No Deal is easily one of the most exciting options for people who miss the classic television series. However, it could also be enjoyable to tune in to some offerings from other countries to see how they do it differently.