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Netflix’s Deal with Amblin Shows They Are Continuing to Focus on Oscar-Contending Content

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Netflix has been producing some quality content over the years, and they have even managed to grab some wins and plenty of nominations with 2018’s Roma. Their new deal with Amblin shows that they are determined to continue to push for Oscar-worthy content, and it could result in some amazing films being produced to capture their audience.

Who is Amblin?

Amblin Entertainment is the production company founded by Steven Spielberg, one of the most successful directors of all time. In addition to having a hand in numerous popular franchises, he has received two Academy Awards and many other nominations. He knows what it takes to make not just a good film, but a film that is likely to receive a lot of interest from bodies like the Academy.

More Than a Streaming Platform

Though Netflix started off as a streaming platform, predominantly offering licenced shows which had been previously released. After growth, and to initiate further expansion, they began funding original TV shows and films. This strategy – of crafting exclusive content to separate your product from your competitors – is consistently replicated across various markets. Just look at an online casino. For instance, Casumo have over 1600 casino games to choose from. Among those games will be familiar games – the classics – but, also, games which many competitors don’t have access to. 

Netflix’s deal with Amblin is their latest commitment to a broad range of exclusive content and their latest effort to consolidate strings in their bow: the Oscar-competing films and deals with A-list talent like Steven Spielberg. This is a production company famed for its dedication to interesting and thought-provoking films that people enjoy watching, but, also, blockbusters: everything from The Post to the Jurassic World series. It is unsurprising that Netflix would seek out such a partner as they begin to grow and create ever more diverse content.

Fighting Off Competition

Of course, Netflix is also going to be closely watching their competition. Many other top streaming platforms are beginning to create their own content that really stands out from the crowd. In addition to this, some films that were supposed to be shown at the box office have now moved to premium streaming services.

This is creating an interesting dynamic in the cinematic world. Many originally passed over films created by streaming companies as being low budget and not worth the attention. However, they have proved that this is not the case. Netflix has led the way when it comes to high-quality and thought-provoking content.

Netflix has already managed to create Oscar-worthy content, so why should they stop here? Whether we see a new category created at awards shows for content from streaming platforms or they compete in the traditional ones, it is likely that we will see further development from them in the future. They are on track to producing some incredible cinema that is likely to stay with people for a very long time.