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Direct to Garment Printing

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A direct to garment printer, also called a DTG printer, prints directly on fabric such as t-shirts, baby wear, caps, bags, tea towels, cushions, etc. Due to the use of pigment ink, DTG printing is more economical, faster, and requires less space and start-up costs than screen printing. It’s easy to use, produces beautiful colourfast results, and has the best ROI in the industry.

Providing businesses use direct to garment printing correctly, direct to garment printing can be an effective production method for them. In order to stand out from the competition, DTG will definitely help you create pop-out, vivid, and detailed designs.

DTG offers businesses a variety of benefits. From its flexibility and quick turnaround times to its unrivalled quality and environmental friendliness.

Direct to Garment printing

The following are a few key benefits that DTG can bring to your business and aid your production line – let’s get started!

Detailed and vibrant designs

DTG is renowned for its ability to create amazing designs. Intricate and finicky designs can’t be enhanced by other printing methods, such as screen printing. DTG makes these designs stand out from the crowd. Designing a product without all the details will not be worth people’s hard-earned money, will it?

An easy-to-use printing process

The printing process is incredibly straightforward with an industry-leading DTG machine. The machine is easy to operate for every member of a team, which is appealing to businesses right away. This means that you don’t have to rely on your DTG production team to be present on-site.

Highest Quality

In addition to being quick, this printing method is also high quality! Considering that DTG works best on clothes like t-shirts and polo shirts, there are many industries that can benefit from it. It is more important to maintain top quality in some of these industries than in others. Business personalization and professional work uniforms are examples.

Different styles available

Several industries can benefit from DTG’s services, as we’ve already discussed. As a result, you will be able to explore a wide range of markets and reach out to a wide audience, which is ideal for your business. With DTG, you can offer everything from novelty fashion dresses to everyday fashion – and everything in between.

Timely preparation

Since DTG printing requires little preparation work for quality printing, it is ideal for small and one-off jobs. A rival method, such as screen printing, requires a lot of equipment, planning, and large quantities. By doing so, they’re making it worthwhile for them to put in all that effort.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re printing one or 20 garments with DTG! All you need is the garment, the printer, and enough ink for small-batch jobs.

Turnaround time is quick

It is recommended to only work with small batches of DTG jobs. Anything over 20 is considered too large. DTG is a convenient method of turning around small orders quickly. A quick service with no compromise on quality can be delivered to your customers thanks to the short preparation time and smooth printing process. 


DTG printing is a much more environmentally friendly printing method than some of the other options. There is very little mass waste when you print directly onto the garments, so reducing your wastage as a business should be a priority.

DTG Printing (Direct to Garment)

There are no setup fees or minimum order quantities

Wide range of clothing can be printed with full-colour images

With just a few hours of receiving the order, you can receive high-quality, amazing prints

Both light and dark coloured garments can be treated with this product

It’s perfect for fashion, promotional, stag and hen do T-shirts

In addition to being eco-friendly, Direct To Garment Printing produces high quality, fashion-ready prints on all products and apparel.