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How To Wager on Super Bowl and Other Annual Sports Tournaments with Dexsport

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With the start of annual sports seasons there are many questions that bother the avid sports lovers community the most, and one of them is how to successfully bet on sports events. Many sports fans eagerly wait for each tournament not only to feel the thrill and excitement of a game, and gather with friends to watch a match, but also put their money on stake and possibly come back home with full wallets, in addition to the joy of the victory for their favourite team. Yes, wagering on sports is a great way to make money, or simply add extra layers to the excitement of a tournament.

Whether you are new to sports betting and want to get in on the action and are looking forward to start making money by wagering on sports or esports tournaments, or an experienced bettor, we have a perfect tool for you: Dexsport. Unlike traditional bookmakers, Dexsoport is a one of a kind innovative betting platform, that changes the wagerers’ views on betting. The platform’s user interface is designed  for both beginners  and experienced bettors, and the comprehensive guides and tips provided on the community pages can become a useful tool both for those who are just getting ready to place their first bet on their favourite sports and the seasoned players who are not new to the world of betting, helping the users to maximize their chances of winning.

From the technical side, the uniqueness of the platform amazes the experts: Dexsport is the first in the world decentralized Web3 platform that uses blockchain technology to provide its users a completely legal and safe way to bet on sports regardless of their region and its local laws, that does not fall under the “Know Your Customer” regulation and does not require its users to go through the lengthy process of identity check. By eliminating the third parties, such as banks, the platform eliminates problems that are traditionally associated with the financial side of the betting industry; for example, getting your funds frozen by a bank while trying to place a bet or a lengthy identity verification process that can often cause missing out on a victorious bet.

But that’s not all. With this innovative project you will never have problems with liquidity and low odds. Users of this platform can make their bets with crypto tokens, such as Binance USD, USDT, and many more that get deposited to the shared liquidity pool. The liquidity pool can be compared to a vault in which crypto funds of each player get stored when placing a bet. This system guarantees the Dexsport users fast and smooth payouts and high coefficients when they are placing a bet. There are currently four types of pools available, each one of them runs on a different blockchain: BNB Chain, Polygon, OKC and Avalanche, providing a wide range of tokens bettors can use to wager on sports. The balance of tokens that are being stored in each pool is publicly available to every participant.

So don’t miss out on all the excitement and potential winnings. Join the Dexsport community and take  your sports betting to the next level.