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DIY Photo Pendant in Easy Steps

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A Photo pendant is a piece of jewelry that reflects a beloved person, memory, or moment permanently inscribed in this priceless gem. It has an undeniably traditional and vintage vibe. Photo pendants wonder that the tiny picture inside the pendant is always accompanied by strong emotions of nostalgia and intense love. There is nothing more special than a handcrafted gift, and DIY picture pendants are made with love and compassion.

Prepare your own DIY pendant

To create a photo pendant, you only need a little experience. The most challenging task you will have is stringing the jewelry, which is relatively easy if you have the correct equipment. You must follow some simple steps below, and your DIY photo pendant will be ready.

  1. Choose a photo to create a single photo necklace or numerous images to create as many custom picture necklaces as you wish.
  2. Cover the photo recess with a piece of plain paper or tracing paper. To see the recessed portion of the locket via a piece of tracing paper, place the paper over the locket.
  3. Pencil it in as a trace
  4. To make the desired number of picture pendant necklaces, cut out the desired number of photos using detail scissors, a precision knife, and a cutting mat.
  5. Now that you’ve created a template, you know exactly how big your photo needs to be to put it into the locket.
  6. Glue each image into each photo pendant charm using adhesive.
  7. Press for 30-40 seconds and let it dry.
  8. Your pendant is ready to wear.

These photo pendants are excellent, inexpensive, and have great emotional value. A self-made small photo necklace, what can be better than this while thinking of gifting something to valuable ones in your life? DIY your pendant with these easy steps and show your love to the world.

Why are online personalized necklaces better than DIY?

Although you can create DIY photo pendants at home, they can never be compared with those you get at the market. No matter how good you are in art and craft, a handmade piece can never compete with a personalized photo necklace available in the market. If you are a student having a lot of time at hand and also looking to hone your skills, then trying your hand at a DIY personalized necklace makes sense. However, if you are a working professional with barely any time on your hands, you can get this beautiful necklace delivered to your special someone online. The best part about gifting an online personalized necklace is that the product’s finish will differentiate it from a handmade product. Also, the picture inside an online-bought photo necklace will be in 3D and look no less than real. This online necklace will have a different charm and would be a special gift you can give to your loved ones. The professionalism and expensive equipment used in making this item will make the receiver feel that some thought has been put into the gifting. The best part is you can get these customized necklaces at unbelievably low prices.