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Do Spy Gadgets Have Any Practical Use Today?

There have been incredible real-life spy stories through the ages. These have provided the background for movies such as Bridge of Spies. They have also inspired many fictional books, TV shows, and movies.

Some of the more incredible tales of fiction include Bond’s gadgets such as a watch that carries miniature explosives and a remote detonator, or pens that shoot poison darts. However, truth is sometimes more incredible than fiction. The CIA used many strange devices against Castro with exploding cigars and pens designed to poison the user among them.

Spy gadgets available on the net today are somewhat tame in comparison, but certainly not without their uses. Here are some spy gadgets that are still sold, and ways they can be utilized.

What spy gadgets are likely to be found in retailers today?

The most common spy gadgets are used for tracking, recording, and listening it would seem. But, their application can be for more than actual spying. In some situations, they can be a force for good.

A quick scan of the SpyCentre website shows various gadgets that could be used for detective work, or even to improve security. Below are some spy gadgets that are retailing today.

Drones with cameras

These are quite commonplace now and can be used for aerial footage to great effect. While they are recreational gadgets, they have the potential for spying too.

Faraday bags for phones

These smart little bags block out all signals including GPS, Bluetooth, and WiFi, so your phone and its contents are completely untraceable. You can also put contactless credit cards in to stop unwanted transactions or outright theft by scammers.

Recovery tools

These tools come in the form of software and USBs. They can be used to recover data and search for viruses, and protect both PCs and phones. If you understand how to outsmart phone hackers then you will be much safer online, which today is crucial.

GPS trackers and sweepers

Using GPS means that you can keep track of your vehicle, or follow someone else. And there are bug sweepers to help find GPS devices that someone else may have placed on your car.

Recording devices for video and audio

Miniature recording devices are readily available, and these can be used to spy obviously. But, like many other examples of microtech spy gadgets they can be used for good as well as bad.

What practical uses do spy gadgets have?

It would be easy to assume that anyone interested in spy gadgets would be up to no good. Perhaps listening into private conversations, or tracking their partner’s whereabouts without their knowledge. Yet, there are numerous ways that spy gadgets can be utilized for good and very practical purposes.

GPS trackers

Having a GPS tracker in your employee’s vehicles means that you can monitor your fleet’s whereabouts. And it can help with locating vehicles in the event of theft.

Hidden cameras

These can be used when you suspect theft is happening in the workplace. However, you will need to check the legalities surrounding their use. One way you can safely use hidden cameras is to position them in your home to improve security. You can view live streams, and alert the police if you had a break-in.

Noise generator

An odd spy gadget, but one that can help anyone who believes they are the ones being spied on. A noise generator creates ambient sounds that make it difficult for listening devices to pick up private conversations.

Voice recorders

These can be used to record snoring and help to improve sleep patterns. They are available as physical gadgets, or as mobile phone apps. Recording the duration of snoring, breathing, and other data can help diagnose sleep disorders.

What is the most dangerous spying tool today?

The internet is a great instrument for spying as 4.9 billion individuals are actively online regularly. This points to the potential to access private messages, bank accounts, and systems. These days it is essential to protect business networks, and the penalties for data breaches can be very steep.

Spyware is one of the most dangerous tools, and it is also very common. Thousands of different spyware programs exist, and new ones are being written daily. This code can be reasonably innocuous, or it can be very damaging. It can be used to track which websites you visit, but it can also log which keys are pressed, meaning that passwords can be recorded.

Cameras and mobile phones are commonplace, and the potential for using these for spying is great. There has been plenty of media coverage about Huawei products being banned from sale in the US. The UK banned Chinese cameras from sensitive areas due to possible security risks.

However, this is spying at international espionage levels, and not quite the same as using a hidden nanny cam to ensure your children are safe.


Modern spy gadgets such as hidden cameras can be used to stop crime as it is taking place. Or, it could be used to locate and retrieve stolen property in the case of GPS trackers.

It can also be used to stop yourself from being spied on through the use of bug detectors or noise generators. Aside from spying, spy gear itself has many practical uses, not least ensuring the security of your home and family.