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Do You Make These Common People Search Mistakes?

Everyone can make mistakes when they are searching for something online like if you are searching for someone online, but not getting the information you want, or some wrong details are shown, it’s obvious that you are making some mistakes.

If you can point out what mistake you are making, you can easily overcome it and find precise information about the person you are looking for. But finding these mistakes are a bit tricky, but don’t worry, because here you will get to know everything important.

Well, in this article, we’ll be discussing some common mistakes that you can make while searching someone online. So, try to avoid these mistakes to get accurate details of the person you are searching for.

The following are some common mistakes that anyone can make while searching for people online.

1- Choosing a paid people search website over

It is always best to choose a free platform first for searching someone online. Because if you lack finding precise information in a paid platform or provide you incorrect information as no platform will give you 100% accurate details, you’ll waste your money finding the person.

So, it is always better to try the maximum of the free platforms or websites like Google, Bing, CityZor, and more, which will help you find the person for free.

In case you cannot find precise details using these platforms, you can go for paid websites, but remember, even they can also make mistakes while giving you the details.

This is the very common mistake that anyone can do because they’ll think that if this is paid, you’ll get exact details, not the scenario when searching online.

2- Using a less trustworthy people search website

This can be your biggest mistake while searching someone online. Before choosing any people search website, you should make sure that they give you some strong details gathered from various websites and public records.

Moreover, many websites don’t keep your searches private and confidential. As a result, either they’ll come to know your searches or the person you are searching for will see that he has been searched, which can reveal your identity.

So, it’s better to choose such a people search website that gives you the feature of anonymity like CityZor. Using such websites, you’ll remain anonymous, and you’ll get many more precise details by doing free reverse address lookup, free reverse phone lookup, etc of that person.

Thus, it is much better to use a people search trustworthy website, gives you much information and provides you anonymity at the same time.

3- Stopping after getting details from only one search engine or people search website

This is the second most common mistake that anyone can make because you stop your searching whenever you think you have found some information. It’s not good to stop your online searching after using a single people search website or a search engine like Google.

Try to use various free websites and different search engines like Bing, Yahoo, because the more platforms you use to find details, the more precise information you’ll get. And using different search engines will give more and more information about the person you are looking for.

So, never stop your search after using one search engine or people search website.

4- Using complicated search terms while putting the information

Suppose you are using some stop words like prepositions, conjunctions, and articles. In that case, the search engine will also include these words in search results, which will increase the number of results, making it difficult for you to find good quality information.
But if you exclude these words or use them very less, you will get more precise search results. So, never use such words to make your search terms complicated; instead try to make it as simple as possible.

5- Forgot to use Quotation marks around exact details

This is one of the frequently made mistakes because everyone forgets to put quotes around the information they are sure of. Because when you put quotes around some words while searching on search engines, they will give you the results that have the exact terms which you included inside quotations.

If you forget to use them around the details like the person’s full name, then Google will give you results that will have either the first name same or the last name, which will make it hectic for you to search. So, it’s better to avoid this mistake by putting quotation marks around the details you are sure of.

6- Using unnecessary words

This is also the most common mistake that you can make while searching people online. If you use unnecessary words in your search term, then you’ll not get precise information.

Try to avoid unnecessary information that you are either not sure of or don’t make relevant information while searching for the people. So, never use such unnecessary words by searching someone online.

7- Inserting hyphen, dash, or minus sign in search terms

When typing the search keywords on a search engine, you should know that if you insert a hyphen, dash, or minus sign, then the word following this sign will be excluded from the search.

If you have written some details of the person who has any of this sign, then the word before which this sign is placed is not read by Google, and you’ll get the results that will not include that particular word.

This means that you have to be careful while typing the search keyword because if you insert any of these signs, you’ll get wrong search results.


In this article, we covered some of the mistakes that you can make while searching people online. It will be much better to avoid these mistakes when searching or if you have already done the research but are not getting precise details, then through these points, and figure out your mistake. So, if you make these common people search the mistakes mentioned above, you must correct them and avoid them next time.