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Gaming Tech You Need During Quarantine

Hunkering at home during quarantine gives you plenty of time to devote to your gaming. Take a look at these tech products and services for gamers to drastically improve your score. From the right accessories to upping your connection and speed, these tips can take your game from so-so to amazing.

Improve Your Ping

A good ping matches a fast gaming speed. When you play an online game, ping reveals the speed at which your computer and the game server are connecting. Ping hitting at or below 50ms will keep you happy, but if you’re lingering at or below 20ms, you should look into how to improve ping speeds. Life during a pandemic is disruptive enough, but your gameplay doesn’t have to be. Laggy or choppy gameplay isn’t fun, especially when it interferes with your social interaction. Take a look at Cox Elite Gamer to even out the score. This service automatically finds the quickest path to the best game server, so you can join your friends online anytime, without the stress of a bad connection.

Consider a GPN

You may have heard of a VPN, or virtual private network. A GPN is the gaming version, passing along traffic to the server in real-time. Since a GPN focuses on the game, other activities that could cause your connection to move at the speed of sludge, like streaming a movie or game downloads, take a backseat.

Not all GPNs are made the same or do the same thing. You’ll need a device that works on the systems you play. Then, take a look at the types of games it supports. Are your favorite titles supported? A GPN takes care of lag and finds the best way to connect to your router.

Get a Gaming Chair

Grabbing a dining room chair for hours of gaming won’t be the most comfortable option for the long term. PC gaming chair furniture designers understand that a gaming chair isn’t an office chair in disguise. These game-friendly seats boast an extra tall backrest, extra back and neck support, and fun accessories like cup holders, adjustable arms or even massage features.

Support your body in all the right places with a chair made just for gamers, like the SecretLab Titan 2020 Series. It’s the company’s largest chair. Not only can it fit most every body, but it’s also ultra comfortable. Serious gamers will appreciate the integrated lumbar support and cushy cold-cured foam for hours of comfy gameplay. Then, of course, is the option to get a massage chair.

Focus on Accessories

The accessories you use can have a powerful effect on your gameplay. Inspect your keyboard, headphones, and mouse. Are they up to par and meeting your current needs?

A gaming keyboard offers splash-proof protection, so when you take a drink break, any spills wipe right off and won’t fry your keyboard. Cushioned headphones offer up clear yet comfortable conversation. Serious gamers like the incredible sound and lightweight feel of both the HyperX Cloud Stinger S Gaming Headset and the new Arctis 7 from SteelSeries. Consider trying both before you decide which one suits you. Then replace your old mouse with a wireless one to ensure lightning-fast responsiveness and reduce lag even more.

Gamer Gadgets

Hanging out at home doesn’t have to be boring, at least not if you power up your gaming with the latest tech. You can’t play when you can’t connect. Get a GPN so you won’t miss one heart-pumping minute, switch out your accessories and ditch the office chair so you can get your game on during quarantine.