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Does Apple Have a Digital Business Card?  

Business cards are the best ways to get connected and make new contacts. But we have seen that the modern era that we are living is moving towards digital business cards instead of the old traditional paper cards approach.

Users can quickly create digital business cards within a short amount of time. As a result, users can create their digital business cards without putting in much effort and share them worldwide in just a few clicks.

Today, we don’t need to wait for networking events to share business cards with different people because on-line technology is rapidly improving and gives professionals a better chance to build their network without leaving their workplace.

If you don’t know how to create a digital business card, many apps are available in the market that can help you make it. You will be amazed to know that many platforms provide this feature for free, but if you want premium features, you need to spend a small amount on it, which is considerable cheaper that paper cards

If we look at user experience, ShareEcard is the best as it provides many templates to create a business card and a free trial period that everyone can test out its functionality.

So, if you want to create and share your digital business card using your iPhone, you can also do it. However, if you don’t know the process, you must follow it, then stay and read this article and understand the full process.

How to create a digital business card on Apple?

Creating a digital business card on Apple doesn’t require any special specific skills; anyone can do it. You don’t need to pay a single penny for that, and you don’t need to register on any platform. Make sure you have your company’s brand logo in attractive colours. So let us show you how to do it.

# Create your QR code

First, users need to create their QR code, which can be done by visiting this website or Beaconstac QR code Generator. Then, make sure you use it on your PC or laptop because it will not work on your mobile phone.

Now you will get an extensive form on your screen that you need to fill up to proceed further. There is some basic information that you have to fill in. The page looks like this…

After filling in all the information, click on the Generate option. A QR code will get created; now, save that QR code somewhere on your device. Then open that file so your QR code can appear in front of your screen.

To check whether it is working or not, open the scanner on your mobile phone and scan that QR code appearing on your laptop screen. You will see a notification, ‘Add a name to contacts,’ so tap on that notification and check all the information. Then you can proceed further.


# Create your Business Card

Now you need to create your business card, so download Wallet Creator by at2 GmbH, which is available on the App Store. Then, install it on your device and open it once it is perfectly installed.

Once it is installed on your device, open and Tap on the + icon to create a business card. Now you must fill in some basic information such as Organization Name, Header Text (your name), label (company name) and Value (job title).

Again, tap on the + icon to create an Info section where you must fill in the label (email) and value (email address). Then tap on the + icon, where you must add the label (mobile) and weight (your mobile number).

Now go for the + symbol and add a Barcode option. Then just put your camera in front of the QR code you made on your laptop screen. It will scan the QR code, and your business card is now ready to use.

It is how you can create a business card to the Apple Wallet as we know that we cannot create a digital business card frequently, so we need to be very careful while creating.

Our company’s reputation is everything to us, and a digital business card plays a significant role in creating that image. Likewise, your company’s logo is essential because people are easily attracted to a company with a good logo.

So, make sure you are working on it so that your logo has a decent look on your business card. Then, you can mix up some colours and take help from the marketing team for the best mix-up of colours. Finally, you can add your saved company’s logo to your Apple Wallet, and you are ready to use your digital business card on Apple Wallet.