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MCI Global Solutions Review – The Platform for Retail

The MCI Global Solutions platform is designed to give retail traders a comfortable trading experience. As an online brokerage, MCI Global Solutions allows users to seamlessly check their portfolio, fund their accounts, open/close trades, and view market charts. Furthermore, users will be exposed to a sizable number of assets that they can use to build their portfolios. These perks make MCI Global Solutions a good partner for retail traders, giving them a good base to trade.

There are numerous benefits to using this platform as it does many things better than the competition. Additionally, the platform ensures that users can trade assets without paying fees. Our review discusses the benefits of using MCI Global Solutions as your online broker. Want to know more about the platform’s perks? Here are a few features you should know.

Benefits of MCI Global Solutions

Long List of Available Assets

MCI Global Solutions has an expansive list of tradable assets available on the platform. These assets allow users to select assets that they want for their portfolios. Furthermore, this selection of assets allows traders to create dynamic portfolios that are better protected from liquidation. Some of the assets available for traders include forex, CFDs, ETFs, bonds, cryptocurrencies, and sticks. Each of these assets brings value to traders’ portfolios and will be the building blocks for a solid portfolio. Users will be exposed to a wide range of assets, but they should ensure they only trade assets they are familiar with, as trading unfamiliar assets is risky. 

Free Asset Trading

The brokerage allows traders to place free trades. Therefore, traders do not have to pay fees when making trades on the platform. This feature helps MCI Global Solutions become a modern brokerage that allows retail traders to make trades for free. Additionally, it incentivizes traders to make more trades as there are no fees attached to trades. This bodes well for users as they can now add more assets to their portfolio and grow it without any penalties. It also helps retail traders take better control of their trading habits. MCI Global Solutions has created a system where users can get more from their trades. 

Top Notch Trading Tools

The platform provides traders with world-class tools that will enable them to trade assets. There are different types of trading tools, and each of these tools has a specific use. Traders use these tools to maneuver the market to get different results. With the right tools, users can use various trading strategies to get a market edge. The tools are available to all users on the platform, and they are advised only to use the tools that they are familiar with. Additionally, users should learn how to use new tools before using them to trade assets. 

Market Updates and Asset Information

MCI Global Solutions provides its users with all the market information they need as it happens. These market updates help traders to make decisions about their portfolios before the market moves. It is important for traders to stay ahead of the market, which is why they need all the information as soon as it occurs. Furthermore, users can set updates about particular assets. These updates will help users stay abreast of information regarding assets in their portfolios. Traders that use the app will receive push notifications directly to their devices. Finally, the updates ensure that traders make informed decisions about their portfolios and plan their trading strategies appropriately. 

Interactive Mobile App

The MCI Global Solutions is a cutting-edge app that allows users to enjoy the benefit of the brokerage on their mobile devices. Traders can perform all their normal activities on the app as it does not reduce their experience. The MCI Global Solutions app makes it easy for busy traders to slot trading comfortably into their schedules. Furthermore, passive traders can monitor their brokerage accounts from their mobile devices without needing a complicated PC setup. Finally, the app will be an extension of the brokerage, placing its services in the palm of its hands.


Join MCI Global Solutions and begin enjoying these features. The platform has created an avenue for retail traders to improve their chances of success in the markets. Visit the MCI Global Solutions website to learn more about their offerings.


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