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Don’t be distracted by Netflix Binge data

Next time, how about some data that actually tells us something?

From Campaign US: Last week, Netflix revealed the results of a study tracking the speed at which subscribers viewed the first seasons of more than 100 television series.

We now know that series like “Breaking Bad,” “Grace & Frankie” and “Marco Polo” are what the streaming service refers to as “devoured.” The first season for each of these series was typically consumed in four days and viewed for approximately two-and-one-half hours in each sitting. Shows like “Bloodline,” “House of Cards” and “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” were “savored,” or consumed in in about six days (and roughly one hour and 45 minutes per sitting). In between devoured and savored was fare like “Orange Is the New Black” and “Marvel’s Jessica Jones.”

Since these streaming services are basically a business of pure speculation – there are still no audience metrics available to the public – any data released by Netflix is certainly both devoured and savored. But, now that we have had time to digest these binge-watching findings, do we really care that a season of drama “Marco Polo” is consumed faster than “House of Cards” or “Bloodline”?

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