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The Beloved Dark TV Show, ‘Ozark’ Returns to Netflix

Netflix just released the Season 3 trailer for “Ozark,” a crime drama that follows the Byrde family. Upon the release of the first season, the tv show got the immediate attention from critics and viewers alike and since then “Ozark” has only gotten more attention and praise for its signature style.

While many would argue that “Ozark” is heavily influenced by the cult TV show “Breaking Bad,” “Ozark” has already made its own statement in the contemporary tv industry.

The two leads are Jason Bateman and Laura Linney, playing husband and wife as they try to get through their shady line of work on a daily basis. “Ozark” does an excellent job of portraying real, conflicting characters that are anything but what the cookie-cutter leads we see on every other tv show.

Marty and Wendy Byrde, an accountant and a real estate agent, have two kids, who often find themselves in the mess made by their parents. As the pair struggle with their money laundering schemes and marriage, the viewer gets more and more involved in the storyline discovering darker and scarier secrets about characters that from afar look completely normal.

The season 3 trailer is already available and March 27th has been marked as the release day.

Jason Bateman apparently directed a couple of episodes himself and as the star tweeted after the trailer dropped he was excited for himself, but definitely not for his character. From the looks of the trailer, Marty Byrde will finally have to answer to people he has wronged before, but that doesn’t mean that any of the shady business is put to sleep in this season.

We see that the family has taken a new hobby, and is putting all of their money into a casino and a group of people is seen playing a roulette game. The new season will have 10 episodes and we will see four new characters and a completely new beginning for the Byrde family.

The tv show was always pictured by the producers as a 5 season show. And even though there is still no confirmation about how many more seasons we will see, considering the character of the show which is a dark, unexpected crime story, there will likely always be an audience for it. What sets “Ozark” apart from the myriad of other crime shows is that these characters don’t have the same cliche redemption arc. We see them for who they are, which is not just nice people making unintentional mistakes on the way but adults choosing to pursue criminal lifestyles.

This new season there is a new character involved, played by Jessica Francis Dukes, An FBI forensics account who is assigned a task to take the entire family down. While it seems like the family will be getting in trouble with authorities the trailer also shows some scenes of Marty getting kidnaped by Omar Navarro, the leader of a Mexican drug cartel.

Even from the trailer alone, it seems like we are in for a very heated season. As the couple continues to face challenges within themselves as they true to get ahead, it seems like season 3 will add some additional, outside heat to the situation.

As the casino continues to function, successfully, the couple is fighting for their family’s destiny and trying to stay under the radar at the same time.

The new season of “Ozark” might even get messier than the previous two, legion the main characters with too much trouble to handle. Either way, this new season looks promising and the introduction of new characters might bring some additional spice to the show.