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Earn Online in 2022: Our 4 Ways

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Money: who would not be comfortable with having more? Maybe you are saving for an advance, organizing a wedding, trying to pay off a mortgage, or putting aside some savings, having a bit extra income can make a difference.

Your daily work can help you pay for the essentials. But a secondary activity, which you can do from the comfort of your home can really make a difference and give you the freedom you’ve always wanted. 

Making money online is everyone’s dream but now that the pandemic has given us a good beating even more people are entering this world. Some are doing it to round up, others because they have not emerged unscathed from the lockdown.

In fact, many people during the pandemic were forced to find alternative work which in many cases remained even when they returned to work. Working in the digital world has represented salvation for many. 

In this article we would like to share some of the best ideas for making some extra money online during the 2022, as we did in a similar article 2 years ago.

  • Web User testing 

Behind each site there is a team of developers who, on a daily basis, is trying to make the user experience even better. Here then comes a new way to make money online: testing the user experience of sites.

There are dozens of platforms that allow you to register, give your feedback on some projects and earn. The best known is certainly UserTesting but another interesting platform could be UserFeel. The level of earning is variable depending on the amount and length of tests but, in general, it represents a good way to earn some extra dollars a day.

You just need to register, give your feedback on some projects and earn: usually we talk about 5-10$ for every 30 minutes of testing.

  • Domain Trading

In this business you buy and sell domain names on the internet, generating a profit through the capital gain. The purpose of those involved in these activities is to buy interesting domains in order to be able to resell them and make a profit. 

The Cloudname domain trading platform works through a specific set of services. First of all, there is the platform (in the release phase) that allows tokenization of the rights of a digital asset, registering it as part of a blockchain. It is as if between the asset (i.e. the domain name in this case) and the user, a digital smart contract is created that governs its membership.

Furthermore, Cloudname allows you to register your traditional domain, so that you can become part of a real chain of opportunities. Thanks to the company’s services, you have the opportunity to discover the semantic and social trends of the web to better understand the market. Lastly, you will have the opportunity to focus on various steps, obtaining discounts on commissions, help in analyzing data and then gradually starting to understand how this world works.

  • Teach your language

Getting paid to have a chat? It can be a way to make money online. The Internet, as we know, has shortened the distance and many people have decided to learn new languages. In many cases, however, the challenge lies in practicing (especially speaking) and the only way to improve is to find native speakers willing to give you some of their time.

Here then is that making conversation becomes a real online job. Each conversation session must be prepared: for example, it is necessary to choose the topic in such a way that those who want to practice can search in advance for the words on the topic. During the conversation, you will have to help your interlocutor to speak, to express increasingly complex concepts and thoughts by providing words or phrases. In short, despite the chatty tenor, you will have to be a real teacher.

How to get started? You can offer your service on platforms such as Fiverr or on specialized sites such as Preply or

  • Customer Care for online brands

Another way of earning some extra cash with relatively limited effort is represented by offering customer support for an e-ecommerce. Especially during the Covid time, their amount has dramatically increased thanks to the rise of drop-shipping businesses especially in the American and European markets. 

This gives the possibility to have an extra source of income just using the internet connection home and leveraging your language skills.

There are different platforms where you can find these tasks. The main ones are the evergreen Upwork and Fever but it often happens that more traditional sites like Linkedin or Facebook Marketplace are starting to offer part-time roles like this one.