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Earning Opportunities in Online Games in 2021

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In the modern world, we are accustomed to playing games for fun. However, now there are new opportunities not only to have fun but also to make money while online. For example, it is worth noting such a direction as e-sports — a hobby of hundreds of people that brings tens of thousands of dollars in income. In addition, some people prefer to spend time in casinos online playing their favorite entertainment with enthusiasm. In this case, not everyone is risking money — with the help of demo versions it has become safe for the budget. In this article, you will find out how much users earn on online games and what the prospects for this direction are.

The main ways to make money on online games

If you remember such a writer as Morgan Robertson, then his heroes hardly imagined even the idea of ​​virtual earnings. Of all the categories of modern virtual entertainment, the most developed are multiplayer online games, in which players interact with each other both in terms of game wagering (exchange of game resources or items) and in terms of communication (chats). Each player has his own character, which must be developed by completing tasks, buying clothes, weapons, and other game items. The balance of the game world assumes that this process will be long so that players do not lose interest in the game, but there are different ways to speed up or facilitate it:

  • pumping a character and selling it for real money to other players;
  • monotonous mining of game resources and selling them for real money;
  • sale of game currency received for completing tasks or for accumulated items and resources;
  • if the game involves the creation of new items from existing ones, you can sell, again for real money, created unique items.

A multi-million dollar community has formed around video games, which is ready to watch the passage of games, read articles and reviews, root for eSports teams, buy virtual items and order a character upgrade in an online game. All this also opens up prospects for potential earnings. Making money from video games is the same job as everyone else. Many people make a big mistake: they think that if they like to play, they will also like to work in this area. Cyber sportsmen get thousands of dollars not just for playing for fun: they have grueling workouts with a tight schedule ahead of the competition. Even your favorite computer game can get bored if you play it every day for 12 hours.

Esports career — a beginner’s guide

Ordinary people who spend not much time playing games or on the Internet usually have a fundamentally wrong idea about e-sportsmen. An image of a rather antisocial personality is immediately drawn in their head, who does not detach from the computer or game console all day, and even depends on the parents, without a stable source of income. As in any other sport, in virtual competitive disciplines, regular training is important, repeating the same actions until they are completely automated. A person who is keen on the game can improve their skills for days, sacrificing all their free time, which they could use to communicate with friends, study a profession or diversified hobbies. The following are the main benefits of working in esports:

  1. The most obvious thing is that a person gets the opportunity to earn money by spending time playing his favorite game.
  2. The opportunity to see the world. There are quite a few pleasant moments in the life of an esports player, and travel is just one of them.
  3. Public acceptance. A large community of fans is being formed around cyber sportsmen, they are asked for autographs and joint photos, they are invited to appear in commercials, which are then broadcast on the Internet and television.
  4. A large number of ways to make money. One of the popular misconceptions has to do with the fleeting nature of careers. People are afraid that after 30 years they will simply not be in demand. Former professional players are successfully retraining as streamers, analysts, forecasters in bookmakers.

In theory, such a dream can be realized almost anywhere in the world: to start a career, you need a gaming computer and stable Internet access to be able to improve your skills. The days of gaming clubs are in the past, now you can not only train without leaving your home but also study the recordings of professional matches, as well as discuss strategies on the forums. Many single-player online games have a ranking of the best players. If a player climbs to the top of the ranking, he will be invited to online tournaments. After winning them, the road to e-sports competitions will open. Another option to get into esports is to sign a contract with an esports organization and play for a salary. For this you have to prove your skills: win several tournaments or become a popular streamer.

Summing up

Modern computer sports is a newfangled niche that will grow in popularity over time (at least as long as game developers, bookmakers and advertisers are interested in this). An esports star is much more than just a good player. Only a combination of certain qualities can lead to such success. You need to be in excellent physical shape, have psychological stability, and be focused only on winning. Few aspiring gamers understand that playing sports and reading books will also directly affect career success.