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The Potential Of Mobile Games – Secrets Of App Building

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The modern mobile games market takes up a solid share of the entire gaming space. In terms of numbers, mobile games account for 51% of the gaming industry’s revenue, followed by consoles and PCs. A huge number of game developers are engaged in the development of games for mobile devices, but only a few manage to create an original product that will be in demand among users. On you can see examples of the most successful casino entertainment and even make some money. Uncomplicated entertainment for portable devices usually occupies top positions in stores and has the maximum number of downloads. This article will tell you what the secret of mobile gaming success is and how to achieve such results.

Benefits of uncomplicated mobile entertainment

As mentioned earlier, most users prefer simple entertainment with non-standard mechanics or additional options. Including people prefer to choose entertainment in casino not on gamstop UK, when it comes to gambling and making money on the game. These apps don’t force you to concentrate on a few problems or solve dozens of challenging puzzles. Entertainment aimed at passing the time also helps to relax after a difficult day or take a break between daily duties. Most users choose these entertainments to “clear” their minds and “reboot” for further work. From a development point of view, these games are relatively simple and fast to execute – one of the reasons for such a high popularity of the genre.

The following are the foundational factors for any successful mobile project:

  1. Gameplay – from the point of view of users, this parameter is extremely important. Well-designed gameplay can captivate even the most demanding player. In addition, this parameter can become the personality of your final product, making it different from the rest.
  2. Structure – from the main idea of ​​the project to the implementation of additional functions. In this case, you need to think over every little thing: in-game currency, additional dialogues, or the possibility of obtaining additional energy.
  3. Visualization of progress when passing levels is how the interaction of a character you have created (or several) with an audience of users is manifested. In this case, not only the strategy used by the player is taken into account, but also the solution options for overcoming difficulties in the locations.

You should also be sure to think over the endgame content – what will happen at the end of the progress, when the hero reaches the end, and how to keep the user after the conditional end of the game. The monetization of successful mobile games is based on the “Goal in the game” level. The user sets a goal and playing the game tries to achieve it, but the gameplay should not discourage the desire to constantly launch the app. Social, competitive mechanics only increase engagement and desire to achieve goals.

The secret to the most profitable mobile games

On average, the development of mobile projects lasts a year and a half, taking into account that the team is doing it completely from scratch, but at the same time, it has development experience in principle. Otherwise, the process can be delayed. When creating your own project, you need to take into account its potential income in the future. There is a simple formula “successful mobile game = profitable mobile game”. The presence of the following characteristics can quickly recoup the investment in the application.

  • Memorable design. Unusual graphic solutions using modern technologies will attract the public’s attention better than other tools. Start by creating a logo, moving gradually to more complex tasks, and creating the aesthetic component of your masterpiece.
  • The semantic content of the levels using exciting gameplay elements. The use of additional options that will make the final product unlike its counterparts will certainly bring it to the top positions. In addition, developers often use such techniques as additional in-game promotions or the presence of secret locations to add interest.
  • Intuitive navigation both in the menu and in the game space. The user should feel at ease while using your creation. Otherwise, even the most interesting idea can cause discomfort for the player and he will leave the application.
  • The technical side of the issue. Few of the users like a game that constantly crashes or bugs. That is why it is imperative to use the technical resources of your team not only during the development phase but also when releasing your product to the market.

All development should result in profit. The game is successful if the profit from one player for the entire time of his game exceeds the cost of attracting him to the project. Working as a team involves compromising and showing others exactly what they are working on. If the game designer is not imbued with the game, then it will be noticeable in the final product.