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Equithy Review Explores Services, Trading, VIP Programs, and More 

In this Equithy review, the focus is on providing an impartial overview of the CFD brokerage services offered by the firm. A CFD brokerage, or Contract for Difference brokerage, facilitates the trading of financial derivatives without ownership of the underlying assets. Equithy positions itself in this market, offering a range of services aimed at traders seeking exposure to various financial instruments.

Equithy’s services encompass a VIP Program, Trading Platform, Range of Markets, 24/5 Customer Support, Blockchain Technology, and Educational Resources. These components collectively contribute to the overall trading experience provided by the brokerage.

The company offers a tiered system for client engagement through its VIP program. The platform boasts a robust trading interface for executing trades. A wide variety of trading marketplaces are available to traders, while 24/5 customer support ensures responsiveness to queries. The platform utilizes blockchain technology for potentially secure and transparent transactions, and educational resources support knowledge acquisition for improved trading outcomes.

Let’s delve into the following segments of this article to explore the services of this brokerage in more detail.


Equithy Review: Advantages of the firm

VIP Program

This part of the Equithy review focuses on the company’s VIP program, which caters to a spectrum of high-profile traders, offering three distinctive account tiers: The Exclusive Club, Wealthy Lifestyle, and The Ultimate VIP. Each tier has varying minimum deposit requirements, with The Exclusive Club ranging from $250,000 to $500,000, Wealthy Lifestyle requiring deposits between $500,000 and $1,000,000, and The Ultimate VIP, an invitation-only tier, necessitating a minimum deposit of $1,000,000 or more.

This exclusive program is designed to attract traders with substantial financial resources and a penchant for higher-risk ventures. The tiered structure reflects a nuanced approach, acknowledging the diverse needs and preferences of high-net-worth individuals engaged in the financial markets. The Exclusive Club appeals to those seeking a significant but slightly less exclusive entry point, while Wealthy Lifestyle caters to traders with a more substantial capital base. The Ultimate VIP, accessible by invitation only, denotes a select circle of traders with considerable financial capabilities.

Designed for clients with substantial capital, Equithy’s VIP program aims to cater to the specific risks and potential rewards associated with large-scale CFD trading.

Trading Platform

Equithy’s trading platform stands out for its web-based functionality, allowing traders to seamlessly access and execute transactions on any device with an internet connection, eliminating the need for software installation. In this Equithy review, the focus is on the platform’s user-friendly interface and versatile accessibility.

The web-based Equithy trading platform provides a convenient and efficient toolset for traders, facilitating easy navigation and execution of trades. Traders can access real-time market data, track asset performance, and utilize various analytical tools to inform their decision-making process. The platform’s web-based nature enhances accessibility, enabling traders to engage with the financial markets from diverse locations.

In addition, the trading platform is designed with ease of use in mind, making it appropriate for traders of all skill levels. This emphasis on accessibility and ease of use aligns with contemporary trends in online trading. Traders using Equithy’s platform can effectively manage their portfolios and respond to market dynamics with agility.

Range of Markets

This Equithy review sheds light on the extensive range of markets the brokerage offers, providing traders with diverse options to explore. The company caters to a broad spectrum of investors by facilitating access to Forex, Crypto, Stocks, Commodities, and Indices.

In the realm of Forex, traders can engage in currency pairs, participating in the dynamic and liquid foreign exchange markets. Crypto enthusiasts will find a variety of digital assets available for trading, reflecting the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies. 

The brokerage also facilitates stock trading, allowing investors to navigate the complexities of the equity markets. The inclusion of Commodities provides exposure to tangible goods, while Indices present opportunities to speculate on broader market trends.

The platform’s diverse asset selection caters to a broader range of trading styles and risk appetites, potentially increasing its appeal to traders looking for a versatile trading environment. The inclusion of multiple markets enhances the depth of trading opportunities, accommodating the preferences and strategies of a wide array of market participants.

Equithy Review – 24/5 Customer Support

Broker’s commitment to customer support is a key aspect highlighted in this Equithy review. The brokerage ensures accessibility through various means, catering to the diverse needs of its clientele. Traders can reach out to Equithy’s support team via email, with designated addresses for general support and legal inquiries ([email protected] and [email protected], respectively). 

For those preferring direct communication, phone support is available during specified hours, Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 13:00 GMT, with a United Kingdom contact number provided (+442037691590).


The brokerage acknowledges the importance of real-time assistance by offering a chat option from Monday to Friday, 07:00 to 14:00 GMT. This multi-faceted approach to customer support reflects Equithy’s understanding of the diverse communication preferences and time constraints of its global clientele, fostering a responsive and accessible support system.

Blockchain Technology

This part of the Equithy review explores the incorporation of blockchain technology into the financial landscape, which is a pivotal aspect of the brokerage’s service offering. Acknowledging the ongoing digital transformation in the financial world, Equithy positions itself at the forefront of this evolution by embracing blockchain technology. The firm recognizes the inherent benefits of blockchain, emphasizing speed, efficiency, and inclusivity in payment options.

Blockchain technology, renowned for its decentralized and secure nature, enables faster and more transparent financial transactions. By leveraging blockchain, the brokerage aims to offer long-term advantages to its clientele, tapping into the growing interest and potential inherent in the digitalization of financial services. This strategic adoption of blockchain aligns with the broader industry trend towards innovative financial technologies, positioning Equithy as a participant in the ongoing evolution of financial markets.

Educational Resources

In this Equithy review, this segment examines the range of educational resources available on this platform, evaluating their potential contribution to user knowledge and trading skill development. The knowledge base section encompasses a range of resources aimed at enhancing the understanding and proficiency of users in the financial markets. Traders can access a variety of materials, including eBooks, a Glossary, and an Asset Index.

The EBooks offer in-depth insights into various aspects of trading, providing valuable information on market dynamics, strategies, and risk management. The Glossary serves as a comprehensive reference tool, elucidating key terms and concepts essential for navigating the financial landscape. The Asset Index provides a curated list of tradable assets, offering traders a clear overview of the available instruments.

In facilitating access to these educational resources, Equithy recognizes the importance of informed decision-making in the complex world of trading. By providing a wide array of learning materials, the brokerage seeks to contribute to the development of a knowledgeable and empowered trading community.

Debit Card

This portion of the Equithy review delves into the practicality of the debit card service offered by the firm. To obtain this debit card, a classic account serves as the minimum requirement, reflecting Equithy’s approach to making this financial tool accessible to a broad user base. The debit card facilitates the seamless conversion of crypto holdings into dollars, allowing users to spend their earnings in everyday transactions. 

By loading the debit card with crypto, users can instantly access the liquidity of their digital assets and utilize them for expenditures at any location that accepts card payments. Ordering the debit card is a straightforward process, as users can easily request it through the dedicated page on Equithy’s website and anticipate its arrival in their mail within a few days. This practical integration of a debit card into the platform provides users with a tangible means of leveraging their crypto assets for real-world transactions.

Equithy Review: Disadvantages of the firm

No Theme Customization

Equithy lacks the option for theme customization, limiting the personalization of the user interface to align with individual preferences.

No Chat Room

The absence of a chat room feature on the platform means that users do not have a dedicated space for real-time discussions, which may impact the sense of community and immediate support for traders.

Equithy Review: Bottom Line

In conclusion, this Equithy review offers a comprehensive exploration of the CFD brokerage’s services. The company stands out for its diverse range of markets, user-friendly trading platform, and incorporation of blockchain technology. The VIP Program caters to high-profile traders, while 24/5 Customer Support ensures accessibility. 

The provision of educational resources contributes to traders’ knowledge base. As with any financial platform, prospective users should carefully consider their preferences and requirements before engaging with Equithy. This objective overview aims to provide potential traders with a nuanced understanding of the platform’s offerings for informed decision-making.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended as an approval or endorsement. The author bears no accountability for any subsequent consequences arising from the company’s actions during your trading engagement. The accuracy and timeliness of the data presented in this exposition may be uncertain. All trading and financial choices lie solely within your jurisdiction, free from reliance on the information furnished herein. This website disclaims any warranties concerning the accuracy of its content and shall not be held responsible for any trading or investment losses sustained.