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Mercy Overwatch Cosplay: Everything You Need to Know

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Overwatch is a popular multiplayer fantasy shooter. The game has fans worldwide who spend much time in the virtual world. Fans dress up as their favorite characters for festivals and create their images in the real world. 

Mercy cosplay is especially popular. It is one of the critical heroes of Overwatch, distinguished by its focus, kindness, and restoring the health of its allies.

A Little About Mercy

Mercy is an intercessor and healer in the world of Overwatch. Her real name is Angela Zingler; she is a doctor and nanobiologist. In the game, she is a classic healer: she restores teammates’ health and even brings back the dead from the world. But that doesn’t mean Mercy can’t fight. She damages her enemies with her Valkyrie costume and Caduceus staff. Also, the Guardian Angel is excellent with blasters, which increases her power.

Mercy fearlessly takes to the battlefield to protect his team and help them in the fight. It is one of the most recognizable characters in the Overwatch universe.

Costume Mercy

Mercy gained its popularity not only due to its strength. This character has a memorable interface. At first glance, this fragile angel can do nothing wrong. But behind her gentle appearance lies the mighty power of the Valkyrie, which is deadly to all enemies.

Cosplayers often choose Mercy. The character’s outfit consists of:

  • protective suit;
  • nimbus;
  • wings;
  • weapons.

It’s interesting to know that Mercy created her costume herself. She sought to help the warriors on the front lines, resulting in the Guardian Angel costume.

Of course, the key features of the character are wings and weapons. Valkyrie will not be as powerful without them, so they should be given maximum attention. Mercy doesn’t have the classic white feathered wings. They are steel and look like straight razor blades. They provide fast movement and a spectacular appearance of the angel.

The second point is weapons. Caduceus Staff pins and heals an ally. His other side reduces the damage the enemy side deals. Mercy’s second weapon is Caduceus blasters. Valkyrie skillfully controls them and destroys enemies.

How to make a Mercy costume

The canonical Mercy has blonde hair, but few people are willing to dye their hair for the sake of the character. The wig will help create the most detailed look of Mercy Overwatch. Or you can keep your hair dark to make your cosplay more personal. It is essential to have a similar hairstyle to maintain the authenticity of the character.

It would be best if you spent a lot of time to create a Mercy cosplay successfully. At first glance, this character has a simple costume. But without wings and weapons, build a cosplay of the Valkyrie from Overwatch. And many here need help because creating these elements independently is very difficult.

But there is no need to despair and look for another character. With the help of a dedicated store, you can create an authentic Mercy very quickly. In the catalog, you will find the Caduceus staff and blasters. The main advantages of this solution are:

  • items are identical to weapons from the Overwatch;
  • things are as detailed as possible;
  • the highest quality materials are used for production.

By placing an order on a trusted website, you are guaranteed to receive a high-quality addition to your Mercy suit. We will gladly make it to order if the required weapon or accessories are off the website. This excellent solution allows you to recreate the image of your favorite hero as accurately as possible and conquer everyone at a cosplay party.

By the way, Mercy’s wings and weapons can be ordered not only for cosplay. These items make great gifts for Overwatch fans and collectors.