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Esports Players Have a Greater Chance of Winning in Casinos

The world of gambling incorporates a lot of sections that are created to meet different needs. The most thriving group of sets is free slot games, and one of them is Wild Life slot machine. The number of online slots no download and other gambling options being accommodated is continuously evolving to meet the ever-growing demands by players. One of the recent additions that are grasping the attention of millions is eSport gambling.

Esports define the realm of multiplier video games that have currently become a craze around the world. The massive popularity of these sets has seen some receive recognition by major tournament companies where millions of dollars are awarded in prizes. One such event happened with the video game Fortnite, and the winner took home a sweet 3 million dollars. With these games now fitting the regular gambling glove of carrying the potential to make players rich quick, more and more users are streaming in to make the platform their cash cow. The stakes have exploded from simply having bragging rights in your friend’s basement to becoming part of a community that envelopes the world in its entirety.

Casinos have been at the forefront of tabling gambling services for ages, and one of their recent ventures is embracing eSport games. This global betting space is currently worth around nine hundred million dollars, and it is estimated to leap to more than twenty-three billion by 2025. Even though this figure does not come close to the four hundred billion expected from the sports betting business within the same time, it is still too large to ignore. Esports still remain behind in terms of popularity compared to ordinary casino games, but they are quickly catching up thanks to various factors.

Skill Element

When categorising casino games according to what constitutes of gambling, skill and luck are some of the most used elements. Generally, games can fall in one of the three categories: games of pure skill like chess and checkers, those of pure chance like slots and roulette, and those of a mix of skill and luck.

Esports, depending on the kind being played, fall in the category of chance and skill. The inclusion of strategy exploitation is labelled as the most attractive feature of the sets. These games usually operate on rules similar to those of traditional sports. Therefore, players can analyse statistics to help them make a valuable choice with high chances of granting them returns. This is unlike other casino games like slots where the gambler does not have any influence on the results that are displayed beyond placing their desired stake and spinning the reels. Even though you may not be a bona fide gambler when you start off with eSports, there is still room for improvement with enough time and dedication. Some of the practices that can help you reach this goal include:

1. Using a gambler’s perspective

Being a fan of eSports is not a mistake, but the mentality should be abandoned when placing stakes. In most cases, fans place wagers depending on the side they feel most emotionally connected to without considering the facts, much like how football fans do. However, if you are making money with the venture, it is recommended to use the perspective of a gambler. Compare the value of each player and how they stand against each other. In the case of games like fantasy football, the abilities of the virtual team members are ranked according to how the players perform in real life. For instance, Leonel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have some of the highest performance abilities since they are recognized as legends in the actual football pitch. You can proceed to enjoy the match as a fan as it unfolds, but your real money stakes should only back your level headed decisions.

2. Considering motivation

Even though emotion is preached against when placing most bets in eSports, it comes in handy sometimes. Emotions usually run high during such events, which can affect the performance of the player. Keep in mind that behind the technicality of it all, these games consist of players behind screens and gaming pads at their core. Therefore, the squad that receives low ratings can come to the table with more motivation to win to prove the stakes wrong. Even so, the stronger team can be pushed to ensure that they are not dethroned from their favoured status. In such cases, it is best to asses the head-to-head history of the squads and determine your wager placement depending on what you find.

3. Studying recent performances

The results of games that a team has played recently should be used as a weigh-in for the bets that are placed. Even if the squad is known to thrash competition, they could currently be wallowing in a downswing that makes them not the best choice to stand behind. On the other hand, a not-so-well-known team can be enjoying a winning streak that gives them more value. However, remember that the results of eSports are still dependent on luck even with the application of skill. Therefore, the dependency on hot streaks can be faulty.

4. Keeping up with the player’s condition

Esports gamers have minimal potential of getting hurt compared to those that run around a court or pitch. Nevertheless, they are exposed to various injuries and conditions that can affect how well they perform. For instance, if a gamer has been playing for hours on end, they are likely to suffer from fatigue. They can also sprain their fingers and wrists. It can be hard to know the health of players in the eSports world, but it is possible for some gamers by joining social media chatrooms that are vocal about such issues.

Lack of a House Edge

Nearly all casino games are negative expectation sets where players have a higher chance of losing that they do of winning. Slots and other games that are entirely dependent on luck have the most significant negative expectation rate that can go up to 30% when the Return to Player rates dip as low as 70%. The house edge gives casinos the upper hand in the long run, which inspires the saying ‘the house always wins’.

Esports do not come with the promise of a fifty-fifty per cent chance of walking away with a win, but a house edge does not apply to give the gambling den higher winning ground from the beginning. Nonetheless, something similar is applied, which is referred to as the Juice. Juice refers to the commission taken by the bookmarker for using their services. Usually, this portion is taken out of the losses, and it is predicted that more than 50% of eSports gamblers are bound to lose over a long period.

With the lack of a house edge, profits can be generated in eSports over the long term. For instance, players can stake 100 bets of 110 dollars each. 54 wins gain them 5400 dollars, while the losses cost 5060. Even with 10% juice, players still end up with a profit of 340 dollars.

Parting Shot

Esports has grown into a lucrative business since they provide a consistent basis with which players can beat the casino. The lack of a house edge and the use of some skill put it at a good advantage over other games, but it also comes with the thrill of experimenting with chance.