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Everyone Can Become More Productive Than They’re Now. WebWork Gives the Answer. 

Time management is an important aspect for each company regardless of its type and size. Its role is crucial in all operations and activities because it allows you to prioritize your workload better and thus reach higher efficiency. But for accurate time management you first need to track time. One may ask “But why?” The answer is that you need data to see how you distribute your working hours and how productive you’re throughout the day. And WebWork Time Tracker is the exact tool that provides you with that information and helps you to achieve higher output.

What is WebWork Time Tracker?

It is an automated time tracking and employee monitoring software with all the features that one needs to manage its workflow better and reach goals faster.

Who is it for?

  • Freelancers
  • Remote teams
  • All types of companies

What features does WebWork Time Tracker have?

  • Time Tracking with Screenshots: You can observe the working time of your employees while capturing their screen every 10 mins interval. You will see how much time they’re allocating to work and how much to non-productive activities. And the screenshots will tell you what exactly those activities are. 
  • Attendance Monitoring: The time that your employees enter and exit the workplace will be recorded on a timesheet table that gives you instant understanding of who arrives late and leaves early. 
  • Apps & Website Usage: Get insight into how productive your employees are by viewing the apps and websites they visit during the working day. Then generate productivity reports and analyze their performance based on that data.
  • Billable hours and invoices: Paying on an hourly rate is made easy with WebWork Tracker because it allows you to create a billable contract and specify a payable hourly rate for each employee and each contract. 
  • Different types of reports: You can have all this data summarized and well presented on various reports such as Timesheet, Statistics, Activity Level etc. The information is displayed on charts, graphs and tables to allow you to identify performance trends easily. 
  • Task management system: Assign both individual and team tasks and keep track of your projects’ progress to make sure that you meet the deadlines. This easy-to-use system allows you to add comments on each task, attach files and set priorities (urgent, high, normal)
  • Integrations: You have a chance to integrate your favorite tools and apps with WebWork Time Tracker and track time right there. 

What advantages does it have?

  • 4 versions of time tracking:
  • Desktop
  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Chrome Extension 
  • Affordable pricing: You need to pay only $2.99/user/month for unlimited features, projects and clients.
  • Use, then pay in 30 days: You will have access to all features for 30 days and will pay after that only if you’re satisfied. 
  • User Requests Program: WebWork Tracker’s users can send a request about their recommendations of improving the tracker. 

To sum up, we want to highlight the fact that time tracking is the key to gaining valuable team insights. It allows you to measure your progress and identify the rooms for improvement.