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Examples of CBD Hemp Strains

You may be searching for the best CBD strains out there because you want to get the most potent effect that they can offer. A few years before, people may not be aware of the compound called CBD or cannabidiol, much less tell others what this is.

Nowadays, everything is different, and consumers are now recommending the CBD flowers and oil, and the best CBD flower, to their other family members about the intriguing compound. As awareness of cannabidiol oil is rising, so does the demand for these products.

In countries like the USA, hemp cultivation was legalized, and the CBD industry is now estimated to be a billion-dollar business. However, not all hemp strains were created the same, and here’s a guide on how you can choose the best ones in the market today.

List of Strains

Frosted Lime

The parent strain came from the Indica-leaning cultivar. The effects can mellow you out, and you can be collected and calm even after a long day at work. The dominant strain is the Sativa, and there’s an undisclosed parent variety with a strong citrus fragrance that gave the lime its name.

You can be lively and upbeat after consuming this product, and this is for people who enjoy some calming buzz. The flavors can tickle the throat, but the newbies may feel a stronger feeling of lime scraping against their mouths.

As the smoke continues to go down to the body, you can be energized most pleasantly. The buzz will slowly rise to your head, and you may want to do things as fast as possible within the day. To sum things up, this is something that can make you productive and creative.


The Harlequin is very popular to many CBD users. This is a variety that is accepted by many beginners that still have a low tolerance for cannabis products. For a start, this CBD:THC ratio is the same. You can know more about the Harlequin on this top article here and see other strains that may be right for you. This is an excellent choice for people who want to get consistent results.

The effect is well-balanced and relaxing, and it does not cause any psychoactive results. There’s a boost in motivation and energy, so this is ideal for people who have a lot of work every day. The Harlequin was a result of many iconic strains in the market today, and others dubbed the parent varieties as the “Colombian Gold,” which is one of the ideal bases in the industry today.

Many have considered Harlequin as an authentic and ancient strain used in many industrial hemp flower breeds. Some of the landrace varieties can be found in Thailand and Switzerland. Other Indica varieties were from Nepal. The result is that the effects are easy on the user, and it does not overpower any major systems in the body. Visit this site to learn about the benefits CBD flowers have to offer you for your overall health.

Lemon Drop

For a change, many users may prefer the lip-puckering sourness that the lemon drop may offer. This can be compared to a childhood candy that every user is craving, and the distinct effects make one alert after taking this.

The hybrid is mainly Sativa, and the strong base of lemon flavors has a somewhat earthy taste. You can read more about the difference of Sativa from Indica here: Many users reported an increase in energy levels, motivation, creativity, and productivity with this type of strain.

The effects can be felt after just minutes of taking the oil. The alerting effects may be noticeable instantly, and many consumers reported that their demeanor became more vibrant as the day goes by. They were able to keep up with the hectic pace of their lives, and they could formulate ideas and thoughts quickly.

Physically, lemon drop strains may provide temporary relief from many discomforts. Many people who felt tension felt that they could easily uplift their moods and feelings of tiredness. Their cognitive activities were known to get boosted as well.

These are just some of the strains out there, and you can choose from a lot more. Since the THC content in the strains is negligible, you won’t get high from smoking the flowers. Instead, consumers reported that they’ve felt relaxed, calmed, and euphoric that is so different from the confusing high that marijuana provides. Those who are cautious about the THC content, look for strains with less than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol to prevent getting high.