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Expert SEO Agencies Turn Your Reviews into a Powerful Optimization Tool

The use of search engine optimization (SEO) is often considered one of the most ideal ways to get ahead in a competitive industry — especially for companies that focus on products and services rendered online. While the use of online services for companies is a relatively common sight, expect it to grow exponentially as time goes by, especially due to the effects of the COVID-19 crisis. The pandemic changed the lifestyle of many individuals, pushing them to purchase everything they need online to avoid going out. With such a lucrative opportunity for online services, it is no wonder why companies are scrambling to make use of the best SEO agencies in Houston.

That said, it can sometimes be confusing to figure out which part of SEO to focus on, even with the help of a fantastic SEO agency like Latched Digital Marketing Agency.It feels like the online business landscape is ever-shifting, and SEO specialists are continuously coming up with new tools to help make a push for brand exposure in a competitive industry. It is undoubtedly crucial for a business to get used to many of the marketing terminologies that come with search engine optimization, as a business owner can make improvements to an SEO strategy — it is even possible to accomplish without the help of professionals.

However, it is recommended to utilize the best SEO agencies, as not only are they proficient in digital marketing and SEO solutions, but SEO is not an expensive endeavor. Perhaps one of the more curious parts about SEO management is the effective use of online reviews — turning them into powerful tools for optimization.

The goal of content marketing and how it connects to reviews

Google’s all-encompassing search engine algorithm uses various factors to determine a company’s overall rankings in the search engine results page (SERP). Variety is the spice of life, and the same thing goes when it comes to applying SEO solutions to gain popularity in a competitive industry. For a business to understand how the concept of variety works, the perfect example would be content marketing and geo-targeting. Content marketing is all about creating unique and relevant content (such as blogs and articles) to help provide more incentive for online shoppers to make a purchase. Content marketing is one of the most popular best-practice methods, as it works not just to provide quality content, but also to provide landing pages for various adverts and links.

Geo-targeting is the use of content marketing to further connect the content to the city in question. It can make use of current events and various other tactics to make the content even more attractive to the target audience. The result is a positive cycle of online visitors encouraged by the content and purchasing items as a result. Just as online visitors enjoy the unique and relevant content, so too does the algorithm — which is why online reviews are so crucial. After all, online reviews count as relevant content that connects to the company.

The benefits of online reviews in the correct format

One of the tactics utilized by the best SEO agencies in Houston is to encourage customers to leave online reviews in the proper channels. For example, apps such as Yelp provide a foundation for online users to leave reviews in the correct format. The reason why the format is so crucial is that the search engine algorithm often takes from such sites and provides a star rating similar to the format of the website or application. It means the products will not only appear on the front page, but they will also have a star rating that makes them much more likely to be purchased by online shoppers.

Anyone who wants to see the effects of the right formatting only has to write the keywords down in the search engine. Adding the product name and “review” will yield plenty of results, and the user will likely find many products without a star rating under the link. On the other hand, there will be a few with star ratings, and it can be easy to see why such a thing is immediately more of an attractive prospect to online shoppers. People want reassurance that they are purchasing a fantastic product, and having a four or five-star review on the front page is bound to draw some attention.

The benefits of negative reviews (!)

It might seem like a strange notion that negative reviews could ever have a list of benefits — especially for startups that could potentially tank due to the presence of even a single scathing review. Fortunately, the presence of a negative review provides an opportunity for a company to connect with its target audience, especially if the review is made on a social media channel.

For example, while it is possible to make changes based on quality feedback and reap the rewards, the ideal solution would be to contact the reviewer through the social media channel and try to fix the situation as courteously and professionally as possible. It will still likely lead to the same results, but more people are aware of the user’s efforts, as the response is on the social media platform for all to see. Letting online users know that the company is willing to aid them with individual problems and address the clients’ concerns could result in a windfall of revenue. Some companies, with the help of the best SEO agencies in Houston, can see negative reviews as avenues for potential benefits.

Search engine optimization is a broad term, as there are plenty of different ways to provide SEO solutions. The solutions for a large company can be vastly different compared to SEO tactics for a startup. No matter the case, however, online reviews will always have the potential of making things easier for any business. An understanding of the various marketing terminologies and the assistance of the SEO experts are sure to provide an avenue of success in any industry.