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Explore YouTube’s Various Video Advertising Formats!

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If we combine the searches of Bing and Yahoo, they still are two times lower than the YouTube searches a day. More than 1 billion people visit YouTube in a day! 

Why YouTube on High Demand?

Since YouTube is rising, the potential of YouTube video advertising is also growing exponentially, and it is as big as the record industry itself. Because YouTube is the home to popular culture, all those fiery headlines sensation happening on YouTube is no less than a perpetual notion. 

Also, these days, viral videos are taking over the internet where everyone is trying to make more and more viral videos. These videos dominate the social sphere. In addition, viral videos are big advertising money. One of the examples of a viral video is “Gangnam Style!” Don’t we all remember that video? Yes, we do!

The anatomy of making a viral video consists of numerous factors. However, viral videos are globally ambitious, but most of them flash out soon from our minds. Hence, advertisers depend more upon beneficial and less globally dominating videos to reach a massive advertising realm. 

How to make advertising and promotions on YouTube?

Now that Google has taken over YouTube, YouTube promotions and advertising has gone to great lengths. Also, they have introduced customizable platforms for ad creations. Meanwhile, the widely used options for advertising on YouTube are-

  • Display Ads
  • Video Ads

Display Ads

Google’s display network contains youTube display ads. The benefit of such ads is that it lets your ads appear with the other related YouTube videos. The pop-ups we administer during the YouTube videos are also the display ads. The further classification of these ads are-

  • In-Video Overlay Ads:

They appear as pop-ups in already present correspondingly targeted videos. These videos get to target the audience by running some selected queries.   

  • Standard Banner Ads:

By using the topic categories and keywords, you can easily specify the location for these ads. However, these are the regular google display ads but are available as standard banner ads. They are also called rich media ads.

Video Ads

YouTube video ads are the latest venture for YouTube, and it comes under TrueView ads. These videos are the best deal on budgeting. Because you only pay when the viewers see the advertising video.

There are different types of True Video Ads:

In-Stream Video Ads-

As the name suggests, these video ads pop up while you are streaming your YouTube video. The making of these video ads is a very challenging task, especially the first 5 seconds. Since your advertisement has interrupted the viewer’s video, they are obligated to sit through those 5 seconds of the ad. Make sure they decide to watch your complete advertising video in the first place. Absorbing video ads with good targeting will ensure that for you. They might make viewers opt to continue to watch your ads as well. Hence, it’s prudent to be specific about your campaign. 

In-Slate Video Ads-

These ads play before the starting of YouTube partner videos and your streaming video. 

In-Search Video Ads-

These video ads are at the right of the regular YouTube search results. They are similar to standard banner ads where you choose the right keywords and the topic.  

In-Display Video Ads-

These are more promotional videos. It’s part of YouTube’s “If you like that video, you might love this..” For that, various Google display sites analyze your target audience.

YouTube advertising is an untapped exposure in an untapped market. It has numerous ad formats for marketers to gain exposure in a predominant market.