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How to Get Millions of Traffic To Your Website and Increase Lead Generation 

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Many dear friends, you email or leave comments in different parts that you are interested in starting an internet business. But let me first ask this question: 

I try to help you answer this important question. 

Who is the right internet business for?

Many people are getting acquainted with the world of internet business every day. Even people who have no technical knowledge and experience in this field.

The rapid growth of successful online businesses has led to more people thinking about starting a money-making online business.

Some of these people are thinking of starting an internet business. An Internet business with the least possible capital. 

Economic conditions on the one hand and the unemployment rate on the other hand have made many people start searching on social networks or Google. Where do I start an internet business or how to find website developers?

In this article, I tried to answer this basic question very clearly:

Where do I start an internet business?

To enter any business, you must first get a lot of information.

Pick up a piece of paper and a pen right now! And write down the questions I address in this article. Think about these questions well. And for each one, write your real answer below them.

Top 10 Questions to Ask Yourself to Start an Internet Business:

Question 1 – Why do you want to start an internet business?

Think well. And write the answer to this question in a short paragraph. Clear Reasons You Want to Start An Internet Business

1- The first reason…

2- The second reason…

Is it because internet business does not require a lot of capital? Because you can work at any time you like? Do not need a business location? And can you even have a business at home? Just to become an entrepreneur. Don’t have to work for others? And be your own boss? Did you hear that many online businesses make billions? 

Question 2 – Do you have any ideas for starting an internet business?

Now that you have enough reasons to enter the world of making money from the Internet, ask yourself: What ideas (s) do you have that can turn it into an Internet business?

Make a list of small and large entrepreneurial ideas you have. Try to write a description of each idea.

If you have no idea, you can get ideas from successful examples of Iranian and foreign sites and turn their changes into a new idea.

Question 3 – What experience or skills do you have?

Write down a list of your skills, expertise, and experience. for example

1- I type well

2- I have the skill of repairing something

Write down every skill and experience you have in this list. Even if you think that these skills and experiences of yours have nothing to do with Internet business. Write down the same skills and experiences.

Now see how you can provide your services to ten people in one day with these skills and experiences that you have? Write down each of your skills and experiences.

Now I want to help you at this stage to find an entrepreneurial mindset. If you can find the right answer to my question, you will become a money-making entrepreneur.

What would you do if you were to serve 100 people every day based on your skills and experience?

Answer my question if you really want to be a money-making entrepreneur.

If you were going to serve 1,000 people a day with the help of your skills and experience, what would you think of a solution? Write as much detail as you can for my question.

Question 4 – How interested are you in learning new content?

So far you have found that you have some skills that you have always looked at from a traditional perspective. For example, you know how to type. With a traditional attitude, how many words can you type per minute? How many pages per hour? And how much do you earn each day? Do you have a customer at all? No one makes good use of your real skills and expertise? Has no one discovered you to date?

Get rid of this attitude from today!

Think about how you can answer the third question. If your experience and expertise is to become a service. And if this service is available to 1,000 people in one day, what other skills and training do you need?

Make a list of tutorials and skills you need to learn very quickly.

for example

  • The skill of introducing my specialties to 1000 people in one day
  • Idea implementation skills (providing service to 1000 people per day)
  • Skills in finding customers by hand (marketing skills)

You can learn all these skills in the online course of making money online business in the shortest time. My whole focus on the to buy traffic to your website and new content of this course is to increase your online learning skills.