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Factors That Contribute to Online Casino Growth

Online casinos have seen the most phenomenal growth of all entertainment industries in the last few years. With the global gambling revenue estimated at $711.4 billion in 2020 and an estimated increase to a massive $876 billion by 2026 – there are no signs of this titan slowing down. 

It’s great for players when an industry like this grows, and the big companies become even more competitive. 

So what are the most significant contributing factors for the growth of operators such as Virgin Games offering casino gaming?

Smart devices

It is hard to picture mobile phones as they once were. Able to make and receive calls only, then slowly introduce emails and texts. Now we have complete computers in the palm of our hands – and for most people, they can replace laptops, tablets, and PCs. 

Mobile gaming has made up one of the most substantial percentages of the growth. 

Smartphones make accessing mobile casino apps and websites faster and more efficient. You can find one, signup (usually with autofill), and even add money to your account without moving from where you stand or sit. 

People can carry their favorite games with them wherever they go. The best casino operators know that mobile gaming is a machine, and they produce seamless, fast, and incredible apps in terms of features. 

With so much functionality, smart devices have contributed in a huge way to the growth of online casinos. 


If you can think of a themed slot or a table game you want to play – you bet you can find it online now. Online casinos know that variety is the key to keeping their players happy. While they can specialize in a single type of game, it pays for them to have a large selection of games. 

The variety of games is usually obvious at first glance, too; players don’t have to do a deep dive to find the games that they want to play. 


In some countries, online marketing for casinos isn’t allowed, while others have got the green light. It means that the marketing teams for casinos are some of the most resourceful around. They won’t break the rules to get their message out there, but they’ll go to the limits of what they have access to. 

Online casinos have heavily invested in all types of online marketing. 

Casinos are looking to have a wide audience, and it’s not just people who have played a game of poker once that are interested. All types of people and gamers make up the demographics for online casinos to market to. 

Content marketing, paid marketing, social media, affiliations, influencers, and even live streamers have been some of the backbones of great casino marketing. 

New technology 

Casinos are quick to adopt, implement and improve new technology. And when it comes to their players, they get the best of everything that the casino has to offer. Virtual experiences, AR, live casinos, and more are very real – and are enjoyed by millions. 

Creating a 3D environment that feels and sounds just like a casino for players who would prefer to play from their living room is more than a little interesting. 

New technology makes both the online gaming and mobile gaming experience incredible for players, and with every tech advancement – the games and features get better. 


Cryptocurrency has been gaining popularity for years, and while some people love it – others don’t. Those that do are delighted to find that one of the things that many online casinos are investing in is payment systems that are able to accept and cash out in cryptocurrency. 

Many people prefer to use this type of digital currency because it is highly protected, anonymous and fast. 

The use of cryptocurrency in gaming, in general, is on the increase, and casinos are one of the areas that are using it. 


There is nothing worse than being in the middle of a game, and the dreaded lag snatches a victory – and leaves you looking at a sliding screen for minutes on end. Thankfully those days are few and far between now that almost everyone in the world has access to a strong and stable internet connection. 

It is that internet connection that has seen gaming and casinos grow so fast. 

Mobile internet means that players can enjoy the games they like anywhere and at any time. Casino gaming is now as convenient as it has ever been. 

It’s not just the connectivity either; now, with 5g, the connection itself is faster too – so playing in real time is instant. 


The promotions and the bonuses that casinos are able to use to promote their games are now huge. The competition is so big that if casinos aren’t offering at least a deposit match and some free spins, they will miss out. 

Bonuses like deposit matching, reload bonuses, regular promotions, free spins, and even free games are just a few that are now commonplace. 

The bonuses keep new players coming and ensure that people who are already signed up get the most for their money. 

Online casino growth has been fast and furious, and there is no sign of slowing down or stopping soon. As VR gets more immersive and internet connections get faster – we are likely to see even further growth. 

Not to mention all of the features developers are now building into mobile apps! The casino industry is an exciting place to be, and certainly, one to watch in the coming years.