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Factors That Influence React Native App Development Cost

Digital marketing has taken the world by storm. One of the important factors that influenced the rise of ecommerce and Digital Marketing is great mobile apps. Customers love those apps which make learning, communicating, and shopping more fun and intriguing. Well, talking about fun apps, it’s pertinent to show that React Native has played a huge role in making app development easier. Since the introduction of React Native back in 2015, it has become an industry standard for making amazing smartphone apps. Here in this article, you will find what factors influence the react native app development cost

Complexity Of The App

Here are the three levels of app complexity:

  • Low Complexity
  • Medium Complexity
  • High Complexity

And here are the factors that decide the complexity level of an app:

1. Admin Panel

Admin Panel is the most important part of a mobile app. Using this panel, the app owner can see all the statistics, activities of the users, and the availability of the content. The presence of advanced features in the admin panel dictates the complexity of your app. 

2. Backend Of The App

Backend stores all the data like log-in credentials and the business model of an app, making it an integral part of an app. You can either go with a ready-made backend option or build a custom backend. However, the custom backend will cost you more. 

3. User-Friendliness

User-friendliness is integral in this day and age. According to marketing principles, entertaining your users decides how well your app will perform in the market. But User-Friendliness isn’t easy to integrate into your apps. The process of making an app good for your customers includes adding features like easy payment gateways and easy to integrate your app with other platforms. But this integration comes at a higher price as it makes the app development process more complex. 

4. Sensor Support

The presence of numerous sensors in smartphones has made the user experience of smartphones. If you have a good business idea, you can try integrating your app into real-life as much as you can. For example, if you’re thinking about building a mobile game, you can use motion sensors to encourage your users to move from sedentary behavior. But integrating every single sensor into an app increases the development costs. 

5. In-App Purchases

In-App Purchases now make up a huge part of the earnings from an app. But these purchases are not easy to integrate. Ensuring that the payments go safely from the user to the developer, this integration requires a lot of effort. Therefore, if you want to introduce a good integration of In-App purchases, you will have to spend more money. 

6. Social Integration

Mobile apps are all about providing ease and entertainment. And what else is more powerful and influential in this age than social media? Users want to share their stats of using an app and their other statistics on social media. Integrating different social media platforms in your app will cost you more. Furthermore, you will have to set up your separate social profiles, costing you more. 

7. Authorizing Your Users

Most mobile apps nowadays provide a log-in feature that allows users to create their unique profiles on an app. However, some companies don’t provide the feature of account creation in their apps, which lowers the personalization of an app. This authorization adds up to your app’s complexity and surely makes your app more costly as well. 

8. Superb Design

Gone are the days of simple, dull and dead user design. Thanks to the development of more powerful smartphones, people want to use apps that feature superb designs. Transitions from one category to the other, sleek animations, and better navigation add up to make an app stand out from a plethora of apps out there. 

However, superb design is not easy to achieve. While making an app using React Native, developers also have to ensure that your app’s design doesn’t mimic any other app. But the better your app’s design, the more you will have to pay. 


Mobile apps have become more complex over the years. The react native app development cost depends on the factors mentioned above. You should assess your needs, review your budget and get different quotes before making your final decision.