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Factors to Consider When Choosing Autonomous Mobile Robots for Industrial Use 

The use of autonomous mobile robots has recently increased in the industrial sector. The computer integrated systems have been able to improve the productivity and performance of various industrial processes. With the various companies producing different systems for performing these tasks, it becomes challenging to choose the best.

If you’re looking for the appropriate autonomous robotics industry 4.0 systems, you’re in the right place. This article discusses the factors you need to consider when choosing the appropriate autonomous mobile robots.

  1. Applications of the systems

Before opting for a particular system, it’ll be essential to understand the tasks you want to assign to the mobile robot system. Understand all the procedures and check if the available options of the robots can be compatible with the instructions. Factors to consider when checking the applications are the processing speed, the raw materials, and the number of products you’ll need. It’ll be good to choose a robotics system that’s compatible with your production instructions.

  1. Check for the IP rating

Before purchasing and installing your applications, it’ll be essential to check if the system requires Ingress protection (IP). The IP is an international standard that defines the effectiveness of sealing levels of specific systems against moisture and foreign object intrusions. It’s essential to check for it when dealing with medical tools, nutrition-related products, or highly flammable conditions. It’ll be necessary to help protect your system and applications.

  1. Number of axes of your mobile robot systems

Autonomous mobile robots come with different numbers of axes, which significantly influences their freedom of movement. Most experts recommend that you choose simple robots with four axes. These robots will provide the best efficiency for your simple tasks, and they can operate in a limited space. However, you choose to work with a robot arm if you’ve got enough working space. These robots usually have six or seven axes to increase performance and productivity.

  1. Speed of the systems

With the emergence of the autonomous robotics industry 4.0 systems, there has been an increase in the speed of production. Therefore, before choosing a mobile robotic system, it’s essential to consider the speed of the system and your production’s speed. The speed of the system should be compatible with the production’s speed. The manufacturers of the systems will always include the product’s maximum speed on the sheets. It’s vital to ensure the speed of the system matches your line of production speed.

  1. Operations and maintenance

When choosing a robotics system, it’ll be essential to consider the ease of operating and maintaining the system. For the effectiveness of the applications, it’ll be necessary to understand how best you can run the programs. In addition, the maintenance of this system is vital for the continuous improvement in productivity and efficiency. Therefore, it’s appropriate to choose a system that your technical team can easily operate and maintain.

To sum it up

It can be challenging to choose the appropriate autonomous industrial robot system that matches your production’s requirements. However, with the continuous evolution of the autonomous robotics industry 4.0, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the right robotics systems. These systems will help you increase the performance and productivity of operations at your business.