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What to Consider When Buying an Engagement Ring in Singapore

You want to propose on bended knees with a ring that is just perfect for her. But the idea of understanding the 4Cs and what makes up an ideal diamond engagement ring can be daunting, not to mention finding a trustworthy jeweler you can trust. Here are things to keep in mind when buying an engagement ring in Singapore.

1) Choose a reputable store.

You want to buy your ring at a place with good reviews and is financially stable; this is especially true if you’re getting expensive diamonds. If something goes wrong with your ring while still under warranty, you would rather it be fixed by someone who will still be around in years to come instead of being shut down or sold off just when your problem arises. You can ask them for documents such as financial statements and independent appraisals (that they have done on their own company).

2) Do research before committing yourself to spending thousands of dollars on a diamond.

Many engagement rings come with matching wedding bands, so you would want the design to look complete and coordinated. Go around looking at different designs online and in-person to get an idea of what your fiance likes before going ahead with purchasing a ring.

3) What are the 4C’s of diamonds?

This is probably one term you will come across when searching for a diamond ring, but how do you know if this 4C thing is worth bothering about? The ‘four Cs’ stand for carat weight (size), cut, color and clarity. Most stores use these four aspects to determine the value of their diamonds instead of just giving out an arbitrary price per carat or size. With this, you can be sure that your diamond is of high quality, even if it is not the most expensive out there.

4) Customize your engagement ring to suit your fiance’s style.

Don’t just get one of those pre-designed rings from the store. Your fiance will love having a unique piece, with both involved in creating it together. You can get creative by drawing out designs on paper before seeing what works best for her or having the jeweler create something especially for her based on some inspiration photos she finds online. This way, she knows that you put some thought into getting an engagement ring that she would like and appreciate it more because of that. Plus, you are likely to get more of her friends asking where she got her ring from.

5) The cost of the diamond alone is not necessarily indicative of its value.

You could get a very small 0.20-carat diamond that seems to be priced quite decently, but it can be worth several times more than that since you are getting high-quality diamonds in the first place. So even if something seems cheap, it does not necessarily mean it is of bad quality. To ensure you are paying for good quality stones, ask your jeweler about what they use to certify their diamonds and always check on this certification when negotiating with them on prices.

6) Getting insurance for your ring.

Like with any valuable item that you own, you would want to take out insurance for it if anything happens, such as theft, loss, or damage. Some stores offer their insurance plans, while some people get policies from their credit cards. You can also consider getting third-party insurance separately, and this comes highly recommended by professional jewelers and banks alike.

In conclusion, it is important to know the right diamond shape for your future fiancé. This will help you find a ring that she’ll love and wear with pride every day. Depending on what you have budgeted for this purchase, you can also choose from one of many different sets or styles of an engagement ring in Singapore. Diamonds are forever, so make sure your choice is well thought out.