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Facts Need To Know About Bitcoins

We all know about the growing digital currencies, which are known as cryptocurrencies in today’s world. It is gaining a good number of supporters who are mainly in the business field and the young generation of people who love the digitalized world. The advantages and the uses it provides and incredible are something that we all feel comfortable to use than the fiat currencies. Nowadays, the use of these digitalized currencies is increasing, and if all the sectors and shops start to buy these, it will change our living. These bitcoins can be purchased by the standard currencies that we use, or even you can find some things and ask people to buy them with the bitcoins. Like its working and properties, many factors are all familiar to us to look for some Bitcoins facts here.

All about Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the first found cryptocurrency and is a digital asset that can be used for many purposes. We use fiat currencies but are digitalized. It means that it is a kind of money that is virtual. But the main thing to be noted is that we cannot use bitcoins wherever we like because all the shops and stores do not accept these digitalized currencies; only a few take them. So, it isn’t easy to use them for regular daily use purposes. For the working of Bitcoin, the first and essential thing we need is a smartphone or a computer that has a digital wallet application installed in it. You transfer or exchange these currencies from other people, and each transaction that involves your digital wallet will be recorded and stored using the technology called a blockchain. This will also help in the tracing of history so that you do not overspend the bitcoins. It is safe to use these cryptocurrencies as it is really hard or nearly impossible to make the fake bitcoins or spend these digitalized currencies that you do not own. If you lost your bitcoin wallet or those currencies in it, you would even restore those you lost. So, it is a good option to switch to use Bitcoins if it spread widely in every corner of the world in the future.

Some facts you are unaware of Bitcoins

  1. The creator of Bitcoins is known to be a person whose name is Satoshi Nakamoto, who introduced it in the year 2009. However, identifying such a person remains a mystery as he vanished off from the Internet in 2010. So nobody is aware of his happenings since that. 
  2. The first purchase done with the bitcoin is known to be with pizzas, and March 22 is even celebrated as Bitcoin pizza day. It is the first official purchase of goods and services by these bitcoins.
  3. While making the transactions, your details are not at all used in any form. The public address is the one that is shown, be careful with it because if one knows about your public address, they can see how many many bitcoins are there and the transactions that are done using that wallet. It may be difficult to trace but not impossible. 
  4. Be careful with your digital wallet’s private key as it can result in the loss of bitcoins in your wallet. 
  5. The supply of Bitcoin supply is finite and will ever be 21 million bitcoins. 
  6. These bitcoins cannot be banned but can only be regulated. They will be able to make it official and control it like that.

Advantages of using Bitcoins

  • Bitcoins are all user autonomy so that the user will control the amount of money they spend rather than using fiat currencies.
  • There are no charges for banking, minimum deposit, etc., and will only accept a meager amount for international transactions while ordinary banks accept a considerable amount.
  • The users can make mobile payments if they have Internet access and do not have another place to buy a product.


Bitcoins are cryptocurrencies that are having their position in business fields nowadays. As we all know the change of bitcoins’ values, you can either get a lot of profit or lose it. In the future, we could hope more functions and places will come where we can use these bitcoins.