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The Right Way to Send Your Graduation Announcements

Graduating from high school and college — and everything in between and after — is a landmark occasion. While the people closest to you already know about your matriculation, there are plenty of other friends and family members who would enjoy sharing in your exciting news. 

An announcement isn’t always an invitation to the ceremony, nor is it synonymous with receiving a gift, but it is a wonderful way to spread the good news to those just outside your inner circle.

In need of some inspiration when it comes to sending out your graduation announcements? Here are a few etiquette tips to keep in mind.

Grow Your List

Time flies, and some more distant family members and acquaintances will appreciate the heads-up. While you won’t need to send announcements to friends in your same graduating year, you should reach out to friends you’ve been lucky to keep in touch with since you were kids. 

You should include anyone else who has made an impact on your life — and, in particular, your academic success — like former coaches, music instructors, and teachers from years past. Of course, graduation announcements won’t be your last bit of formal correspondence with these individuals. In the years to come, you might have wedding, new home, or birth announcements. For now, however, look at your graduation list as a way to build up your contacts for all your future milestones.

Make It Personal

Gone are the days of the generic graduation announcement. No one wants to receive a ho-hum card, so send out a customized graduation announcement, like those from Minted, to include all your important information. Choose among a multitude of colors and styles and include images for a look that’s all your own.

Go beyond the basics. Minted graduation announcements make it easy to add in a few details about you, like your plans after graduation or any special honors. Add the name of your alma mater and any other noteworthy items. Your friends and family will appreciate the effort and special keepsake.

Send Your News

Graduation is a time that’s thick with tradition. “Pomp and Circumstance” may have originated in Britain, but you’ll likely still hear this popular graduation song whenever and wherever you accept your diploma. 

While it’s okay to fade out some traditions, like throwing your hat into the air after you’ve graduated, sending your graduation announcement by snail mail isn’t one of them. Email and texting are great for so many things, judging by the 26 billion text messages Americans send every day, but graduation announcements should always be mailed out. Address your announcements by including the names of both adults in a household.

The general rule is to send out graduation announcements two weeks before the ceremony or anytime up to six weeks afterward. Some families decide to wait until their graduate has fulfilled all graduation requirements. Conversely, others wait for a couple of weeks after the graduation date, so they can include an image of their son or daughter in their cap and gown after the ceremony.

Enjoy This Memory-Making Life Milestone

Sending graduation announcements might seem like a hassle, but there are plenty of reasons to stick to this tradition. Consider your graduation announcement as an opportunity to thank anyone who has helped you along the way and to grow your networking list. Send your custom announcement via mail and be sure to get it out no later than six weeks after you’ve graduated, and you’ll start the next phase of your life with plenty of well-wishes to carry you forward.