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Fall 2022 Network Tally – 13 New Series Between The Big 3 and The CW

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ABC, CBS, NBC and The CW combined will introduce 13 new programs. Comparably, that is the least number of new series in total ever for the four. Fox has announced six new series (including delayed drama “Monarch”). But without a confirmed schedule at press time, we do not know how many are planned for the fall. Some key observations:

-The CW, for the first time, is launching the most new primetime series in a fall season, five. Next is CBS with four, followed by ABC and NBC with two each.
-Ten of these 13 new shows are dramas, with one each a comedy and a reality competition.
-Including Fox, this will be the least number of comedies on a fall network schedule in decades.
-The CW is the most aggressive, with changes on five of its seven nights.
-More than half of ABC’s primetime fall line-up (13 hours) is non-scripted programming.
-NBC, once again, will be carried by returning Sunday Night Football.
-Only six new series has been announced for midseason on the Big 3 and The CW: Comedy “Not Dead Yet” on ABC, drama “True Lies” on CBS, reboot sitcom “Night Court” and reality/competition “Million Dollar Island” on NBC, and superhero drama “Gotham Knights” and the non-scripted “Recipe For Disaster” on The CW.

What follows is the new program breakdown for the Big 3 networks and The CW:

“Alaska” (drama)
“The Rookie: Feds” (drama)

“East New York” (drama)
“Fire Country” (drama)
“The Real Love Boat” (non-scripted)
“So Help Me Todd” (drama)

“Lopez vs. Lopez” (comedy)
“Quantum Leap” (drama)

“Family Law” (drama)
“Magic With the Stars” (non-scripted)
“Professionals” (drama)
“Walker: Independence” (drama)
“The Winchesters” (drama)

Here is what Fox has announced (again, with no confirmed fall schedule):

“Accused” (drama”
“Alert” (drama)
“Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars” (non-scripted)
“Grimsburg” (animated comedy)
“Krapapolis” (animated comedy)
“Monarch” (drama)

Here is the network programming announcements:

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